Kodandaram Reveals His True Colours: Karne

Hyderabad:A�Stating that it was cleared with his statement that the Telangana JAC chairman Prof M Kodandaram was moving forward with political agenda in his mind from the beginning, TRS MLC Karne Prabhakar said that their doubts were proved to be true now.

Speaking to the media at TRSLP hereA�on Saturday, Prabhakar reminded that the Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao created Telangana JAC asking all sections of the people to become a part of the separate Telangana movement. He said that KCR himself made Kodandaram as the chairman of the JAC and there was no need of JAC now. Unfortunately, all political parties gone aside but the JAC was working with peoples organisations aiming politics, he said. He alleged that Kodandaram, who supposed to speak facts as a professor, speaking falsehood and said that he will send a fact sheet to Kodandaram saying that the lattera��s statement on job recruitments was false one. He said that the government filled 32,000 jobs already and alleged that Kodandaram has become a mouth piece of Congress party.

Kodandaram was speaking the sentences delivered from the mouth of TPCC Chief N Uttam Kumar Reddy four days ago, he claimed and said that the shell of Kodandaram was cleared and the illusions over Kodandaram among the people have gone now. Kodandaram has the right to float a political party, he said and alleged that Kodandaram was planning to give tickets to his followers by floating a party and enter into alliance with the Congress party. He said that the TRS partya��s main objection was Kodandaram not to indulge in politics in the guise of non-political unions. Kodandaram has given a call to organise a rally to provoke the unemployed youth, he said and alleged that Kodandaram was trying to malign the government by provoking violence. It was up to DGP whether to give permission to the rally or not and depends upon the conditions prevailed on the day, he opined.

Making it clear that KCR would fulfil the assurance of filling one lakh jobs, Prabhakar said and advised Kodandaram not to act in hurriedly and has to wait till the government fills the jobs. (NSS)

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