Kodandaram Rejects BJP’s Alleged Offer Of Governor’s job

TJAC Chairman Prof.Kodandaram politely rejected the offer given by BJP leaders

Hyderabad: TJAC Chairman Prof.Kodandaram politely rejected the offer given by BJP leaders for Telangana that the party Governor’s post. Governor E.L. Narasimhan’s term ends by May 3rd and his name is echoing for the post of Vice President at Delhi level, which has not yet confirmed. In the rejig the Union Government can find a State for Kodandaram. But the professor who comes from a far left background cannot imagine himself in a Raj Bhavan. BJP leader Kishan Reddy’s idea of making Kodandram is far- fetched.

Kodandaram, who is busy in aiming gun shots against TRS Government with continuous protests which start from April 10, did not show any interest towards the offer given by BJP.

TJAC Chairman has a good will in the hearts of Telangana people and the offer given by BJP leaders Laxman and Kishan Reddy is perfectly apt for his background and qualifications and his attitude towards people of T-state which people have seen during T-agitation.

Another important topic of discussion was to act unitedly in opposing the government’s move to shift dharna Chowk away from Indira Park to a far away place in the outskirts of the city. They had agreed to join hands in the struggle against the policies of TRS government.

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Kodandaram Expresses Anger Over Legislators’ Callousness

The Joint Action Committee (JAC) Chairman Professor Kodandaram intensified his attack on the TRS legislators alleging that they are involved in their own business rather than solving problems of the people.

Hyderabad: Joint Action Committee (JAC) Chairman Professor Kodandaram intensified his attack against TRS legislators. Speaking at a press conference at Siricilla, headquarters of the constituency of KTR, he alleged that while masses are suffering in the State, the people’s representatives are limiting themselves to their own business without bothering about the people who elected them. As a result, the gulf between ruled and the rulers increased to such an extent that it can’t be filled.

Expressing concern that there are no leaders to solve the problems people are facing, Kodandaram alleged that they are involved in sand mining, occupying plots and lands.  More: Kodandaram Attacking KCR’s Bastions

The youth which participated in the Telangana movement with the tagline water- funds – appointments and achieved the State is still unemployed, he said. Kodandaram said that there is no comprehensive policy on agriculture and the dream of Telangana is not being realised. He alleged that the farmers did not receive the fourth instalment of loan waiver and the government is not paying for the paddy that the farmers sold. In this context, farmers are dejected to take up farming, he added.  Until a comprehensive policy on agriculture is announced, farmers can’t take up farming, he clarified.

The government whose focus is on the profits of contractors is not doing what is needed to the people, Kodandaram said. He criticised that the efforts to realise dreams of Telangana movement are not being put in. He said that second round of Amaraveerula sphoorti yatra will be taken up soon.

During the first round of yatra, he said that many problems came to the fore. He said that farmers revealed their problems at many places- that they have not received loan waiver, they could not get minimum price, lack of cold storages and godowns to store their produce etc. The youth is complaining that government is not filling the vacancies, weavers also complaining that there is no proper price in the market and others.   More: Why Is KCR Rattled By Kodandaram?

He also alleged that the investigation into beautician Sirisha and Kuknoorpally SI’s suicides is not being done in an unbiased manner. He said that round table meetings will be held on problems at various places. He said that they would go forward with the demands that land acquisition is being done indiscriminately and justice must be done to farmers. He said that they will be touring the areas again and again till justice is done.

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Kodandaram Demands CBI Enquiry On Miyapur Land Scam

Speaking at a round table conference, TJAC chairman Kodandaram said that they would conduct a trial in People’s Tribunal (Praja tribunal) if government fails to order a CBI enquiry.

Hyderabad: The Telangana JAC chairman Kodandaram demanded a CBI enquiry on the land scams taking place under the jurisdiction of Hyderabad-Rangareddy districts.  Speaking at a roundtable conference on Miyapur land scam at Somajiguda Press Club on Saturday, he said the Miyapur lands were occupied using different strategies. He said facts will only come out when a CBI enquiry is done on the scam. If the government doesn’t come forward for a CBI enquiry, he said that they would be a trial by a people’s tribunal.

He expressed doubts that the government is on the side of land grabbers. He suggested that the government has to protect government lands to give a fillip to realty sector in Hyderabad. Taking a dig at the government, he said the government which hesitates to give lands to journalists, doesn’t mind giving away thousands of acres to the rich.

He demanded that the report given by the committee formed in 2014 to conduct a land survey in the State be made public. Legal experts, those who have an understanding of land acts and many leaders of civil organisations participated in the meet.  Many speakers criticised the government for supporting the grabbers.

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Why Is KCR Rattled By Kodandaram?

KCR is not prepared to talk to Kodandaram on various issues the later has been championing. Instead, the chief minister is prepared to use excessive force to snub his opponents. Here is why.


Hyderabad: The showdown at Indira Park on Monday in the name of Dharna Chowk was totally unwarranted. It was a result of the inflated ego of Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao (KCR) who refused to discuss the issue with Kodandaram. The winner was Professor Kodandaram whom KCR has been keen to snub. Why is KCR so weary of Kodandaram?

During the statehood movement, KCR used to say that there will be no need for Dharna in the new state. He was probably meaning that there will be no place to stage Dharna in the new State. That is what he appears to be ensuing. Two years after forming the government and encouraging mass defections from the opposition parties, KCR has come to assume that he was unassailable. He started adopting a negative attitude towards the opposition, more particularly Kodandaram and his Joint Action Committee. He had been using excessive force in order to suppress the opposition. The amount of police force deployed and strong measures taken to prevent a Dharna or a procession or a protest in any other form exceeded the force used by the Congress governments in undivided AP against the statehood agitation.

KCR, his son K Taraka Rama Rao (KTR), nephew T Harish Rao have been the dominant group in the government doing all important work. Other ministers are confined to their ministries working within the boundaries decided by KCR. The party has no rival centre. In short, there is no one either in the party or in government who is in a position to challenge KCR’s authority. He could take it easy and happily run the administration in a democratic manner. The second term is assured. He can make his son the second chief minister. Even Harish Rao, who is certainly more popular among the MLAs and other people’s representatives than KTR cannot stand in the way. As long KCR is around, no one can deny him.

However, KCR’s very nature is autocratic. He has no patience for advice. He thinks he knows everything. He would decide and others have to follow. He has Cabinet colleagues who are tuned to his work culture. His things big. He plans huge dams and infrastructure facilities. But when it comes to dealing with Kodandaram, KCR becomes combative. What is the reason?

KCR knows that Kodandaram is a fighter and his image is intact. It was Kodandaram who took the statehood movement to the final stage after the Centre went back on its decision to concede the demand for a separate state. The decision to divide Andhra Pradesh was announced by P Chidambaram, the then Home Minister on 9 December 2009. After the Congress and TDP MPs and MLAs from Andhra region resigned en masse the Centre had developed cold feet. KCR went back into the silent mode. It was Kodandaram who took up the reins and took the movement to a different level. Of course it was KCR who anointed Kodandaram as president of the Joint Action Committee. The fight entered the last phase. TRS participated in some programmes and kept away from some others. But all the programmes of the movement were decided and executed by Kodandram, Mallepalli Laxmaiah and others.

So, KCR knows that Kodandaram remains the second most popular leader after himself. Kodandaram is not an orator like KCR. He is not politically talented like the chief minister. In the back of KCR’s mind there might be a lurking fear that the professor may become more popular if he was allowed to build a movement against the government. That is perhaps the reason why everyone who was close to Kodandaram has been weaned away by offering positions. Those who got positions because of KCR are more than willing to heap abuses and insults on their master’s bête noire. That has been creating sympathy for the professor which may cause loss of popularity of the chief minister. Add to Kodandaram the leaders of opposition parties who are willing to accept his leadership and work with him. If Kodandaram takes away  some of those who were involved in statehood movement and have not been rewarded by the government and the BJP cuts into the BC support base by highlighting KCR’s decision to give 22 percent reservations to Muslims, TRS will be weakened to that extent. That fearing might be making KCR to use more force than necessary against his opponents.

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Telangana Formation Day To Witness Major Political Changes

Hyderabad: 2 June 2017, Telangana formation day , Is likely to witness major shift in political scenario of T state, according political observers. Political parties which have been sidelined by the ruling TRS have been trying to revitalise their cadres.

Congress has a plan to hold public meeting and invite party President Sonia Gandhi. Congress wants to expose the TRS government and explain to the people that it was Sonia Gandhi who gave Telangana State. They failed to put across this message during 2014 elections. Digvijay Singh, AICC General Secretary, has been frequently visiting the State to attend Aaveedana Yatras. The TTDP is aiming at joining hands with non-Congress opposition parties, particularly the TJAC.

It has been organising Praja Poru Yatras under the leadership of Revant Reddy. But no party is prepared to join hands with the TDP or Revant Reddy. The future of the party in Telangana is uncertain.

On the other hand, ruling party TRS want to use the same strategy of sentiment once again to counter the opposition attack and might go for an early poll. Launch of two more new political parties in T state looks certain in coming days, one from TJAC which will play crucial role in the next elections and the other headed by film hero Pawan Kalyan.

With time nearing for political parties for ground preparations to face next general elections, Telangana will face the added heat in summer from all political parties, with highest temperature recorded on June 2nd.

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Not afraid of attacks, will continue to fight on people’s problems: Prof. Kodandaram

Hyderabad: Making it clear that the JAC will not be afraid of attacks, Telangana Political JAC chairman Prof. M Kodandaram has said the fight on public problems will go on.


Speaking to the media here on Wednesday, Prof. Kodandaram suggested to the TRS government to strive for solving problems of the people by stopping attacks on the people, who question on issues. He said he has no anger at the leaders who criticised him severely on Tuesday and said that he was answering to the leaders who made Peddapally MP Suman to criticise him. He also alleged that the government didn’t care though the JAC kept clear proposals before the government and said that JAC asked the government to protect the rights of the displaced people and lend the helping hand to the farmers, who were affected with drought. He said there was no response from the government though the JAC met the DGP and placed the problems facing by the Home Guards, in front of him.


Lashing out at the state government and ruling TRS party for terming him as an agent of the Congress party, Kodandaram ridiculed the criticism on his meeting with the AICC Chief Sonia Gandhi.  “Some TRS leaders were saying that I met Sonia Gandhi. I am at Varanasi on June 16 and I participated in a Dharna at Indira Park on June 27. Is Telangana intelligence is this much of weak? It is failed to find out as to what I am doing and where I am going and whom I am meeting”, he said.


The TRS party was making much noise as it was failing to answer on public issues, he said. He made it clear that the JAC allegations were 100 percent social truths and the government was attacking only hide its mistakes. He said that the people didn’t except these policies in newly formed Telangana state. He said that the JAC will conduct face-to-face program with displaced people of Kaleswaram Project at Manthani on November 11.


On November 13, JAC will organise a conference on problems of medical sector and on November 20, JAC will conduct meeting on irrigation projects, reservoirs, power projects and open cast mining, he informed.



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రైతుకు న్యాయం చేస్తేనే మనుగడ

  • టీఆర్ ఎస్ ప్రభుత్వాన్ని హెచ్చరించిన ప్రొ. కోదండరాం
  • హైదరాబాద్ లో ఒకరోజు రైతు దీక్ష
  • రైతు సంక్షేమ దిశగా పలు సూచనలు

హైదరాబాద్: టీఆర్ ఎస్ పాలనలో రైతులు అవమానాలను ఎదుర్కొంటున్నారని తెలంగాణ రాజకీయ జె ఏ సీ ఛైర్మన్ ప్రొఫెసర్ ఎం. కోదండరాం ఆరోపించారు. రైతులకు న్యాయం చేయని ఏ ప్రభుత్వమూ బతికి బట్ట కట్టలేదని ఆయన హెచ్చరించారు.

హైదరాబాద్ లో ఇందిరాపార్క్ వద్ద ఆయన ఆదివారం ఒకరోజు రైతు దీక్ష పాటించారు. ఆయనతోపాటు ఆయన మద్దతుదారులు అనేకమంది దీక్షలో పాల్గొన్నారు. టీ ఆర్ ఎస్ ప్రభుత్వం రైతుల సమస్యలను గాలికి వదిలేసిందని కోదండరాం ఆరోపించారు. రాష్ట్రంలో 60 శాతం మంది వ్యవసాయం మీద ఆధారపడిన సంగతిని ఆయన గుర్తుచేశారు. రాష్ట్ర ఆర్థికతకు వ్యవసాయరంగం ప్రధాన స్తంభమని, వ్యవసాయం బాగుంటేనే వ్యాపారం వృద్ధి చెందుతుందని ఆయన అన్నారు.

ఒక సమగ్ర వ్యవసాయ విధానాన్ని, విత్తన చట్టాన్ని, రైతుల ఆదాయ భద్రతా చట్టాన్ని ప్రవేశపెట్టాలని; వ్యవసాయ నిధిని ఏర్పాటుచేసి, రైతులకు సాంఘిక భద్రత కల్పించాలని ఆయన కేసీఆర్ ప్రభుత్వాన్ని కోరారు. విచక్షణారహితంగా భూమిని సేకరించడాన్ని ప్రభుత్వం మానుకోవాలని, భూమిని సేకరించినప్పుడు అంతే భూమిని రైతుకు ఇవ్వాలని ఆయన స్పష్టం చేశారు. భూమి ఇస్తామంటే కంపెనీలు బారులు కడతాయని అనుకోవడం తెలివితక్కువ అని ఆయన అన్నారు.

రైతు సమస్యల పరిష్కారానికి ప్రభుత్వంపై ఒత్తిడి తేవడానికే తాను రైతు దీక్ష చేపట్టానని ఆయన చెప్పారు. వ్యవసాయ రుణాలను మాఫీ చేయాలని, నకిలీ విత్తనాల ప్రవాహాన్ని అరికట్టాలని ఆయన విజ్ఞప్తి చేశారు. రైతులకు ఎలాంటి లాభం లేకపోయినా ప్రభుత్వం తన విధానాల ద్వారా ప్రతి రైతుమీదా రూ. 93,000 ల భారం మోపిందని ఆయన విమర్శించారు.

ప్రజల సంక్షేమానికి వివిధ పథకాలను అమలు చేస్తున్నామని టీఆర్ ఎస్ ప్రభుత్వం అనడాన్ని జస్టిస్ చంద్ర కుమార్  తప్పు పడుతూ ఆచరణలో ఏమీ జరగడంలేదని ఆరోపించారు.

అనేకమంది రైతు సంఘాల నాయకులు, ప్రొ. హరగోపాల్, ప్రొ. రమా మేల్కొటే, మాజీ ఎమ్మెల్సీలు చుక్కా రామయ్య, ప్రొ. నాగేశ్వర్, సీనియర్ జర్నలిస్టులు పొత్తూరి వెంకటేశ్వరరావు, కె. రామచంద్రమూర్తి, కె. శ్రీనివాసరెడ్డి, మాజీ ఎమ్మేల్యేలు గుమ్మడి నరసయ్య, జనార్దన్ రెడ్డి తదితరులు దీక్షా శిబిరాన్ని సందర్శించి కోదండరాంకు సంఘీభావం ప్రకటించారు.

రాష్ట్రప్రభుత్వం కోదండరాం దీక్షాస్థలి వద్ద పెద్ద సంఖ్యలో పోలీసులను నియమించం ఆశ్చర్యం గొలిపింది.

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Farmers groaning under TRS rule’

Kodandaram proposes steps to help farm sector

Hyderabad: Alleging that the farmers were facing insults under TRS rule, Telangana Political JAC Chairman Prof M Kodandaram has warned no government had survived doing injustice to the farmers’ community.

Prof Kodandaram observed a one-day Rythu Deeksha at Indira Park in Hyderabad on Sunday along with dozens of his supporters. Speaking on the occasion, he said the TRS government had left the farmers’ problems to the wind. Prof Kodandaram said 60 percent of the people in the state are dependent upon agriculture. The farm sector is the main pillar of state economy and business will boom only when the agriculture sector flourishes, he said.

Prof Kodandaram wanted the KCR government to introduce a comprehensive agriculture policy, Seed Act and Farmers’ Income Security Act, create an Agriculture Fund and provide social security to farmers. The government should refrain from acquiring lands indiscriminately, he said, and made it clear that the government has to give an equal area of land to the farmers when their land was acquired. It was unwise to think that companies would flock to the state if lands were given to them, he said.

Prof. Kodandaram made it clear that he staged the Rythu Deeksha to mount pressure on the government to solve the farmers’ problems. He asked the government to waive farm loans and control the flow of spurious seeds in the market. He said the government has made every farmer in the state to bear a debt burden of Rs 93,000 with its policies though the farmers haven’t got any benefit from it.  

Finding fault with the TRS government for stating that it was implementing several schemes for people’s welfare, Justice Chandra Kumar alleged that in practice nothing has happened. 

Several Rythu Unions leaders, Prof Haragopal, Prof Rama Melkote, former MLCs Chukka Ramaiah and Prof Nageshwar, Justice Chandra Kumar, senior journalists Potturi Venkateswara Rao, Dr K Ramachandra Murthy, K Srinivas Reddy, former MLAs Gummadi Narsaiah,, Janardhan Reddy and several others visited the Deeksha Camp and expressed their solidarity with Kodandaram.

Surprisingly, the state government deployed huge police force at Kodandaram’s deeksha place.


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Who Made Telangana State Possible?

  • Jaipal claims a key role
  • Vundavalli rakes up issue
  • Kodandaram butts in

Hyderabad: It was all started by Vundavalli Arun Kumar with his rather strange claim that the AP Reorganisation Bill 2014 was not passed by Lok Sabha on 18 February 2014 as told by Speaker Meira Kumar. He recently published a book, ‘Vibhajana Katha…Naa Diaryloo Konni Pageelu’ in which he alleged that senior Parliamentarian and the then Union Minister S Jaipal Reddy had told the Speaker that headcount would be enough and actual division is not needed to declare that the Reorganisation Bill is passed. Arun said Sushma Swaraj, leader of the opposition in Lok Sabha, was present during the meeting in Speaker’s chamber. The book was recently released by Justice Chalameswar in Hyderabad.

Soon after the book release, Jaipal Reddy held a press conference to contest the content of the book. He said although he played an important role in the process of dividing the State, he did not advise the Speaker, as alleged by Vundavalli, that the lights may be switched off and TV sets be  stopped for a while and then declare that the Bill was passed. The main allegation of Arun Kumar was that the Bill was not actually passed even according to Rule 367-3 where headcount has to take openly.

After both the leaders accused each other of distorting the facts, they sat for a debate anchored by Radhakrishna of ABN in Open Debate. While Jaipal was sitting with RK in the studio in Hyderabad, Vundavalli was speaking from Rajamahendravaram through video conference. T-JAC chairman Prof Kodandram was brought in through phone-in briefly. So were TRS MP Jitender Reddy and former Congress MP Ponnam Prabhakar.

Vundavalli had made it very clear that he is not against Telangana and even if his argument that the reorganisation Bill was not passed is proved correct nothing is going to alter and the old United AP cannot be revived. His only purpose in penning the book was to prevent such incidents in future.

Jaipal Reddy clarified that he had told the Speaker that there was no need for a Constitutional Amendment to bifurcate the State and a headcount is enough to pass the Bill. Both Meira Kumar and Sushma Swaraj had agreed with him and accepted his suggestion. LK Advani also stood up when the heads were counted, the former minister said. Before that the pointsman of the Congress party and Minister for Parliamentary affairs Kamalnath was very pessimistic and expressed his helplessness. It was at that historic moment that he made both Sushma and Kamalnath to reach an understanding. Rest of the things suggesting that he was the author of a plot to switch off the lights and TV sets and to pretend to have counted the heads was entirely a figment of Vundavalli’s imagination. He described Vundavalli’s book as political fiction in which he indulged in irresponsible guesswork to malign his character. He did not make any claims on his role so far with the sole idea that AICC president Sonia Gandhi should get all the credit that is due to her. Jaipal sail K Chandrasekhara Rao (KCR) had absolutely no role in passing the Bill. KCR was not aware of what transpired in Speaker’s  chamber, he said.

Jaipal also clarified that he never said KCR will be the chief minister whether the State is divided or not as written by Vundavalli in his book. He said he is otherwise happy with Vundavalli for the kind words he wrote on him.

TJAC chairman Kodandram affirmed that Jaipal Reddy had played an important role in creation of separate State of Telangana. He used his experience and intelligence in giving suggestions to the Speaker within the Constitutional limits. The division took place because of the initiative taken by Jaipal Reddy and Telangana MPs. The negative attitude of the Andhra MPs had harmed the interests of the residual AP, he commented. Ponnam Prabhakar, Karimnagar MP in the 15th Lok Sabha, had supported the argument of Jaipal Reddy. He tried to pull KCR’s leg when he said while the Telangana Congress MPs were struggling for statehood, KCR was enjoying his life at his farmhouse.

However, TRS MP Jitender Reddy claimed that KCR had met all the leaders of all the parties in Parliament and made them accept the demand for separate statehood. There was no role for Jaipal Reddy or any other leader. This debate will go on without reaching a logical end for some years.

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Shift Telangana Employees in AP to their Home State: Kodandaram

HYDERABAD: Telangana Employees’ JAC Chairman Prof. Kodandaram today demanded Kamalanathan Committee to immediately shift Telangana employees working in Andhra Pradesh Government to their home state.

Accompanied by Employees Association leaders, Devi Prasad and Ravinder Reddy, Kodandaram today called on Kamalanathan at Secretariat here and demanded to shift Telangana employees from the AP Government.

Talking to media later, Kodandaram said the Telangana employees were eagerly seeking an immediate shift to their home State.

“We have urged Kamalanathan to ensure that AP Government release Telangana staff without further delay to their home state. Any issues on transfers and others arose after the state bifurcation can be resolved through a debate. We will not hesitate to take up another movement to press the government on this just demand,” he warned.

Devi Prasad alleged that AP Government was reluctant to acquire their employees working in Telangana Government. He accused AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu of deliberately stalling the process of bifurcation of officials. Reacting on continuing strike by the GHMC workers, they said they would talk to Telangana Government for an amicable solution. (NSS)

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