Kodandaram for new political party in State

Hyderabad: “We must float a political party if the occasion comes and need arises for the launch of a political party”, Telangana JAC chairman Prof. M Kodandaram said on Friday.

Participating in the Meet-the-Press programme organized by the Telangana Journalists JAC here, Kodandaram opined that the society was in need of value-based political party and said the JAC will wage a fight for the sake of alternative political values. He made it clear that the JAC will continue even if they launched a political party. He said unemployed youth will be affected severely with the abolition of zonal system. There was a need to amend the zonal system and various problems will arise if the zonal system was abolished, he said.

He said the JAC will organise an unemployed youth rally in a peaceful manner on February 22.  He cautioned the unemployed youth saying that there was no need to get emotional during the rally because some people were ready to blame the JAC by creating disturbances leading to police firing. He urged the unemployed youth to extend their cooperation to organise the proposed rally peacefully. He expressed the hope that JAC will organise a rally in a manner the nation would feel proud. He said that the JAC was moving on the lines of Acharya Jayashankar and Balagopal’s path.

Kodandaram said that there were more than one lakh vacant jobs in the State and demanded the State government to fill them immediately. He explained that there were more than 50,000 vacant positions in public sector firms. He suggested the State government to implement the calendar for the fulfillment of the jobs. –NSS

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