Kodandaram: Farmers Turning Into Labourers

TJAC Chairman Prof Kodandaram expressed concern over farmers becoming labourers in Telangana.

Nalgonda: Kodandaram attended as Chief Guest to a meeting organised by district CPI unit in town hall of Nalgonda. Addressing huge crowd, Kodandaram expressed deep concern about the farmers of Telangana state. He said that farmers are becoming labourers in the state. The Government is seeing development with the increase in capital, but true development means, increase in the standards of living and availability of education and health.

Kodandram questioned TRS Government about farmera��s difficulties and asked why they are not becoming rich in the state. He demanded Government to provide all facilities to farmers to get them good income through their farm produce.

He suggested Government to bear hospital and educational expenses of farmers and their family members.

He urged people to question ruling party on poll promises and on implementation of schemes for the development of the Telangana.

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