Kodandaram Expresses Anger Over Legislatorsa�� Callousness

The Joint Action Committee (JAC) Chairman Professor Kodandaram intensified his attack on the TRS legislators alleging that they are involved in their own business rather than solving problems of the people.

Hyderabad: Joint Action Committee (JAC) Chairman Professor Kodandaram intensified his attack against TRS legislators. Speaking at a press conference at Siricilla, headquarters of the constituency of KTR, he alleged that while masses are suffering in the State, the peoplea��s representatives are limiting themselves to their own business without bothering about the people who elected them. As a result, the gulf between ruled and the rulers increased to such an extent that it cana��t be filled.

Expressing concern that there are no leaders to solve the problems people are facing, Kodandaram alleged that they are involved in sand mining, occupying plots and lands. A�More:A�Kodandaram Attacking KCRa��s Bastions

The youth which participated in the Telangana movement with the tagline water- funds a�� appointments and achieved the State is still unemployed, he said. Kodandaram said that there is no comprehensive policy on agriculture and the dream of Telangana is not being realised. He alleged that the farmers did not receive the fourth instalment of loan waiver and the government is not paying for the paddy that the farmers sold. In this context, farmers are dejected to take up farming, he added.A� Until a comprehensive policy on agriculture is announced, farmers cana��t take up farming, he clarified.

The government whose focus is on the profits of contractors is not doing what is needed to the people, Kodandaram said. He criticised that the efforts to realise dreams of Telangana movement are not being put in. He said that second round of Amaraveerula sphoorti yatra will be taken up soon.

During the first round of yatra, he said that many problems came to the fore. He said that farmers revealed their problems at many places- that they have not received loan waiver, they could not get minimum price, lack of cold storages and godowns to store their produce etc. The youth is complaining that government is not filling the vacancies, weavers also complaining that there is no proper price in the market and others. A� More:A�Why Is KCR Rattled By Kodandaram?

He also alleged that the investigation into beautician Sirisha and Kuknoorpally SIa��s suicides is not being done in an unbiased manner. He said that round table meetings will be held on problems at various places. He said that they would go forward with the demands that land acquisition is being done indiscriminately and justice must be done to farmers. He said that they will be touring the areas again and again till justice is done.

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