Kodandaram Demands CBI Enquiry On Miyapur Land Scam

Speaking at a round table conference, TJAC chairman Kodandaram said that they would conduct a trial in Peoplea��s Tribunal (Praja tribunal) if government fails to order a CBI enquiry.

Hyderabad: The Telangana JAC chairman Kodandaram demanded a CBI enquiry on the land scams taking place under the jurisdiction of Hyderabad-Rangareddy districts.A� Speaking at a roundtable conference on Miyapur land scam at Somajiguda Press Club on Saturday, he said the Miyapur lands were occupied using different strategies. He said facts will only come out when a CBI enquiry is done on the scam. If the government doesna��t come forward for a CBI enquiry, he said that they would be a trial by a peoplea��s tribunal.

He expressed doubts that the government is on the side of land grabbers. He suggested that the government has to protect government lands to give a fillip to realty sector in Hyderabad. Taking a dig at the government, he said the government which hesitates to give lands to journalists, doesna��t mind giving away thousands of acres to the rich.

He demanded that the report given by the committee formed in 2014 to conduct a land survey in the State be made public. Legal experts, those who have an understanding of land acts and many leaders of civil organisations participated in the meet.A� Many speakers criticised the government for supporting the grabbers.

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