Kodandaram defends working with political parties in public interest

Hyderabad: Telangana Political JAC Chairman Prof. M Kodandaram has said there is nothing wrong in working with various political parties as a public coalition. The JAC has to meet various political parties on various issues every day, he observed.

Speaking to the media here on Monday after launching the JAC’s website, Prof. Kodandaram said the people would lose if the government imposes curbs on the programmes of JAC which is working on behalf of people and victims. Asking the government to stop suppressive attitude towards JAC activities, Kodandaram said the JAC will take up ‘Vidyaparirakshana Yatra’ from January 7 demanding the State government to solve the problems of the education sector and opposing private universities bill.

Making it clear that the JAC’s action plan on Land Acquisition Act will be continued, Kodandaram said that the State government was concentrating only on IT sector and demanded the government to concentrate on all sectors. Suggesting to the opposition parties to move strategically against the government in the Assembly with clear proposals, the JAC chairman wished the discussions held in Assembly on various issues yield results.  -NSS

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