Kodanad Heist: Not For Documents, Say TN Police

The gang that participated in the attack on Jayalalithaa’s bungalow at Kodanad were looking for cash and not for any documents, say TN police.

Chennai: The speculations about the mysterious robbery at a bungalow belonging to late chief minister J Jayalalithaa in Kodanad was suspected for a possible ‘will’ that the departed leader might have left, turned out to be false. The police sources said that the preliminary investigations revealed that documents were not the target. The police came to this conclusion as the safe vault in the bungalow was not touched by the gang.

A senior police officer told a leading daily that the gang led by Kanagaraj which came for robbery was definitely looking for cash and not documents. As they could not find any cash, a fight broke out between them. It appears that Kanagaraj tricked the people into joining him by claiming that there will be a huge stash of cash inside the bungalow. When cash was not found, a quarrel broke out inside the mansion, he said.

These details were disclosed by the robbers who were arrested. One more person is to be arrested.

Incidentally, the main suspect Kanagaraj was killed in a road accident last Friday, while another suspect Sayan met with a mishap on early Saturday morning in Palakkad. He was driving from Coimbatore to Thrissur. As the accidents almost happened within a little time gap, conspiracy theories emerged. While the wife and daughter of Sayan were killed in the accident, Sayan is recuperating at a hospital. The probe team of police is waiting for Sayan to recover completely to record his statement.

Sayan, became a close associate of Kanagaraj when he worked in Ooty. With the close friendship they had, Kanagaraj and Sayan planned the heist. It was Sayan who mobilised a gang from Kerala for the operation.A� As the members of the gang hailed from Kerala, they were not even aware that the bungalow belonged to Jayalalithaa, said sources. They were told that it belonged to an MLA.

Before they entered the bungalow on April 23 night, the gang performed a recce to check if there were any CCTV cameras installed in the premises. They did not believe Kanagaraj and wanted to check the number of guards also, according to sources. The police believe that they took only some wrist watches and crystal artefacts from the estate bungalow.

Still, conspiracy theorists are not ready to believe the police version, as the police department in Tamil Nadu is divided and some of the officers areA� believed to be supporters of Sasikala faction.

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