Know about Google Allo

Allo is an instant messaging mobile app developed by Google. Allo is based on telephone number. It was launched on September 21. The app is available on Android and iOS platforms

Allo has basic features such as text and multi-media messaging features that we find in other rivals WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and others. Alloa��s biggest asset is its integration with a�?Google Assistanta��, the companya��s conversational new virtual aid that can answer questions and make suggestions.

Some of the key feature Allo offers mentioned below:

Google Assistant: Google Assistant is the important feature that separates Allo among other messenger apps. Google claims the feature is a preview version, it is really quick in understanding the messenger user. Powered by Google’s advanced artificial intelligence technology, it can intuitively observe user behaviour and scan your Gmail account to remind the user of appointments or flights scheduled for the day.Also user can chat with the app one-on-one to ask for direction to any destination or shop to buy groceries.

Funky stickers and emoticons:Most of the messenger app users look for a variety of custom stickers and emotions. Certainly Allo wouldprovide many options to the user, because it has a pile of emoticons. It also provides to post images instantly with snap-option on the left side of the chat bar.

Smart Reply:Smart Reply is a pretty handy feature that comes pre-activated in Google Allo to help make faster conversation on the phone.

Secured messaging: There was a sense of apprehension over the messenger app’s privacy structure. In regular mode, it does not provide end-to-end encryption. Google claims that the chat data will be stored in its server to improve its Google Assistant service. In some countries google is obliged to reveal the data. Google Allo provides incognito mode, wherein the chat details will have 100 per cent end-to-end encryption and also there is an option for message self-destruct after pre-set time expires like in Snapchat.

In incognito mode, if you receive a message, it will show a�� ‘you got notification’- without displaying the actual message. It is meant to offer more privacy for sensitive conversation.

At present one limitation of Google Allo is that it is not available in web version. It can only be used in phones and tablets. Google is expected to release the PC version very soon.

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