KK’s Land Registration To Get Cancelled?

The controversial land registration of TRS general secretary K Keshav Rao might get cancelled as the lands bought are declared under 22A.

Rangareddy: The district administration decided to cancel the registration of lands brought at Dandumailaram in Ibrahimpatnam by Rajya Sabha member K Kesava Rao. As it came to light that family members of KK bought 36 acres of land declared under 22 A from Goldstone Prasad, the administration came to this conclusion.

The revenue officials, who sent a report to the government, incorporated the scrapping of registrations issue too. Once they get a nod from the government, the officials are ready to take the further action.

Meanwhile, KK earlier said that it was true that his family members bought the lands. He claimed that they had all the necessary documents and they bought the lands legally. However, he asserted that they did not buy the disputed lands. He said that CCLA had already clarified that the lands he bought were not government lands. He also claimed that there was a Court order regarding this. KK also said that the Collector issued orders to register the lands he bought and if these orders were wrong, the court will decide.

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