Kishore Babu resents KCRa��s outbursts at Naidu

HYDERABAD: Andhra Pradesh Minister Kishore Babu today criticized Telangana Chief Minister Chandrasekhar Rao for making derogatory remarks against AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu.

Addressing the media at Secretariat on Tuesday, the minister said Rao has no moral right to level allegations against Naidu. Apparently, Rao was getting envious at the developmental works being taken up in Andhra Pradesh State.

Kishore Babu found fault with Rao for slamming Naidu during TRS Foundation daya��s Public Meeting at Parade Grounds on Sunday. He said the people are aware of Raoa��s tactics in stifling the voice of the media. In a democracy, the media has a pivotal role and any government cannot take a harsh decision banning a couple of television channels for airing some clippings against their interests, he added.

a�?This is totally uncalled for to make such comments against Naidu under whom Raohad workeda�?, he said.

Kishore Babu also faulted Rao for accusing Naidu of trying to create hurdles to Telangana development and calling some of the TD spokespersons as a�?three dogsa�? barking at the behest of a�?Their Mastera�? against KCR government.

He also said they will conduct summer camps for SC students to bring out their inherent talent. The AP Government was also planning to offer free EAMCET coaching to 400 students in the State, he added. (NSS)

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