Kisan Congress Condemns Rahul Gandhia��s Detention

AP Kisan and Khet Mazdoor Congress president Jetti Gurunadha Rao condemned the detention of Rahul Gandhi by MP police. He demanded resignation of chief minister of MP and apology from Prime Minister Modi for the killing of farmers in police firing.

Vijayawada: The Andhra Pradesh unit of the Kisan and Khet Mazdoor Congress condemned the arrest of AICC vice-president Rahul Gandhi by the Madhya Pradesh government. Kisan Congress president Jetti Gurunadha Rao demanded resignation of Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Sivaraj Singh Chauhan for the killing of farmers who have been fighting for the loan waiver. He also demanded that Prime Minister Narendra Modi tender unconditional apology for the incidents happening in Madhya Pradesh.

The Kisan Congress leader said that the NDA government headed by Modi at the centre and the BJP governments in different States were resorting to exploitation of the farming community across the country. The BJP allies like Telugu Desam Party too were putting farmers in acute difficulties by acquiring their lands for industrial promotion thus killing agriculture and forcing the farmers to commit suicides.

The BJP and its allies have promised loan waiver to the farmers in the 2014 elections, Gurunadha Rao said and alleged that the parties including the TDP in Andhra Pradesh have failed to fulfill the promise. He blamed the NDA parties for killing the farmers who were agitating for fulfillment of the election promise of loan waiver. The farmers in Madhya Pradesh too were fighting for loan waiver, Gurunadha Rao said and blamed the government for killing five farmers in the police firing.

The Kisan Congress leader also found fault with the government for detaining Rahul Gandhi who was heading to visit the farmers and consol their families.

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