Our Kid Never Acted in Baahubali: Parents

There are rumours making round on the days-old baby who was held atop of the water level in a river by Ramya Krishna, while she herself was drowning, in Baahubali 2. The parents clarify.

Hyderabad: For the past few days a picture of a kid with Prabhas was circulating in social media by saying that the kid acted in Baahubali flick. The parents of the kid described the news as fake. Shot in the flick with Ramya krishna holding a day’s-old baby while drowning in the river got a superb response from the viewers. But there is a wrong perception going on in social media about the kid. The speculation ended with the clarification given by the baby’s parents.

Baby’s parents came forward on Thursday with a statement that they were close friends of hero Prabhas and met him during the shoot of Baahubali. Photo was flicked at that time which was put on Face Book and this photo went viral and few websites have been misusing it.

Baby’s mother Akshara, an IT professional, requested social media not to publish the fake news that 18 days old baby acted in the flick and it is her baby.

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