Khan turns an obstacle for Mahesh in Bollywood

Hyderabad: Though it is not clear when the first look of Mahesha��s film being directed by Murugadoss will be out, the film makers made it clear that the film would hit the screens on June 23. As the film-makers locked the release date officially, the other films would heave a sigh of relief as they were clear about a big filma��s release. It may be recalled here that Bahubali-2 would be released on April 28, Bunnya��s upcoming film a�?Duvvada Jagannatham @ DJa�� is most likely to be released by the third week of May, i.e., on May 19 possibly. In case, the film may be delayed by one or two weeks. Whatever it may be there will be no problem for Princea��s movie.

The director is planning to release the movie in three languages simultaneously in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi. There is no problem in Telugu and Tamil film industries as there is no competition from either of the film industry. However, Salman Khana��s movie a�?Tubelighta�� had locked June 23 as the release date. It is not that easy to get theatres for release in Bollywood because of the market of Salman Khan. Maheshbabu thought of grand entry into Bollywood with this film but Salman Khan had poured water on his ideas. Let us wait and watch how Maheshbabu could compete with the Khans.

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