Khairatabad Ganesha Immersed In Record Time

Hyderabad: People defied rain, sang and danced bidding goodbye to Lord Ganesha. The police were deployed at strategic points ensured that the ‘Shobha Yatra’ went in without any untoward incidents.A�

The Khairatabad Ganesha was immersed in record time this year. The devotees took out the huge Vinayaka at 8 am and went to the Tankbund in a procession blowing trumpets, celebrating in festive mood and watching the idol getting immersed in Hussain Sagar.A� The KhairatabadA� Ganesha used to take many more hours till last years. The immersion used to happen the next day. But this time the Shobha Yatra and immersion were completed within six hours.A�

The police officials, in orders from the chief minister, are keen on finishing the immersion of all the Ganeshas from all over the city today itself. About 250 km of the distance is expected to be covered by Ganeshas coming in one hundred routes. The authorities arranged some 2000 electric bulbs enroute Sobha Yatra.

GHMC Commissioner Janardhan Reddy reviewed the situation in the afternoon. 30 thousand police personnel were involved in the arrangements for Shobha Yatra and immersion. 13 companies of para military forced also were deployed. One Ganesha action team was deployed for every four km.

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