Kerala CM All Praise For TS Ease Of Doing Business

Hyderabad: The Kerala CM has all praise for the TS for being number one in ease of doing business in the country. To this, KCR replied that the innovative and hassle-free industrial policy like the TS-iPASS, single window clearances and other such pro-industrial friendly policies of the government have helped the State to make rapid strides in industries sector.

He also informed Vijayan how the Telangana State was attracting huge investments in all sectors. KCR gave a copy of the state industrial policy booklet to the Kerala CM.

Land Reforms

The Kerala CM has evinced key interest in the Land reforms and maintenance of land records in the Telangana State. KCR in detail explained to the visiting CM about the land reforms and maintenance of the land records since the Nizam’s period dating back to the Salarjung days.

He said pucca record system was in place and these records were being updated on a regular basis. In the past, people used to have immense faith on one another so much that they used do the land transactions on a white paper.

The TS government has begun registering such Sada Bainama land records. So far, the government has received some 11.5 lakh applications and the registration process was going on, KCR explained.

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