Kejriwal, Nirupam come under BJP fire

  • Ask to prove surgical strikes

New Delhi: With Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and Maharashtra Congress Committee President Sanjay Nirupam asking to prove conclusively for Pakistanis that the surgical strikes across the LoC to destroy the launching pads of terrorists did really happen, the NDA government is confronted with an embarrassing situation. The ruling BJP had gone hammers and tongs at both the politicians for questioning the integrity of the army.  But they were not able to answer the two politicians properly. The question was,’ Why did the government have to take credit for what was essentially a covert operation by the Army?’ Had India gained anything from the publicity given to the incident which cannot be proved for tactical reasons?

The question posed by Kejriwal and Nirupam was the same the one Pakistan has been asking. The BJP spokespersons and Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad had dubbed the two politicians as supporters of Pakistan and, therefore, enemies of India. The Rightist NDA government has departed from the six decades old India’s Pakistan policy. There have been two open wars, one limited war, two covert, proxy wars (one by Pakistan in Kashmir, the other by India in Balochistan) and any number of covert operations. UPA government or other previous governments did not take any credit for the operations the army conducted secretly.  Prime Minister Narendra Modi had made India’s support to Balochistan public in his Independence Day message to the country from Red Fort. By doing so, he has let go a veil that was there on Indian operations in Balochistan so far. Pakistan can now turn around and ask India not to question its role in Kashmir since India is doing the same in Balochistan. Even the world would be unable to support India when it complaints of Pakistan’s support to militants and separatists in Jammu and Kashmir. Not many countries in the world knew about our hand in Balochistan. We have given away that advantage by openly supporting Balochistan. The other decision of the Modi government was to own up the covert operation and trying to project it some sort of Entebbe operation undertook by the Israelis exactly forty years ago to release the Jews hostages from Air France plane stranded at an airport in Uganda. The then dictator of Uganda, Idi Amin, had supported the Palestine guerrillas who hijacked the plane. But the Modi government cannot show the video of the event. Moreover, by publicly owning up the surgical strikes and allowing the BJP to celebrate its victory in the war of attrition against Pakistan, the Modi government had reversed one more aspect of India’s policy towards Pakistan for decades-restraint. India has been appreciated by world nations for its restraint in the face of provocations from Pakistan. But today we don’t have the sympathy of the world countries since we gave up restraint and started acting and talking about fitting reply to Pakistan. Whatever may be the reason for the government to abandon the restraint and grin and bear in the face of acute provocations, it was obviously done to satisfy the public opinion. The irate public was utterly angry with Modi for not walking the talk. The mystery of the surgical strikes would remain unresolved for some more time.  

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