KCR’s plate of owes is full!

  • Lack of experience of being at the top is showing
  • Naidu appears to be managing better
  • Farmer suicides have to be attended to


Hyderabad, November 25: The chief ministers of Andhra and Telangana are in an unenviable position, beset by both expected and unforeseen problems. Birth pangs are still being felt, especially by KCR. Naidu‘s rich experience as the state chief minister for the third time shows in his ability to better deal with thorny issues. His increasing friendship with the BJP Government at the Centre is standing him in good stead.

Both governments are enduring an ordeal by fire but KCR is clearly more over-burdened. Perhaps his lack of experience at the highest level as an administrator is showing.

The Telangana CM now sees a conspiracy brewing against his governance. He feels the Kamalanathan Committee is deliberately delaying the distribution of staff between the two states. The allocation of All-India Service officers by the Pratyush Committee is also going slow and harming his state, he alleges.

KCR’s plate is brimming over with other urgent issues which are crying for immediate attention and are being tackled rather in a cavalier manner:

  • Existing vacancies in the various departments number 1,07,744 and will be filled in 4-5 months, he assured the Assembly. Special consideration would be given to those who agitated for the separate Telangana state.
  • The CM also assured that age stipulation for the unemployed will be relaxed by five years to be eligible for recruitment.
  • The growing private sector will also offer employment.
  • Telangana Public Service Commission would be set up soon and start recruiting.
  • KCR mentioned the 25,000 contract employees whose regularization will definitely be achieved as per the promise in the election manifesto.

A new Industrial Policy has been introduced in the Assembly on Tuesday.

While Chandrababu Naidu has his eyes on Japan and other countries including NRIs to garner investments,   he has also sought to achieve a coup of sorts by trying for an interview with the US President when he visits Delhi.

KCR, on the other hand, is beset with other serious issues. Prominent among these is the spate of farmer suicides. No concrete decision has been taken in this regard. Should not the Telangana

Assembly find the answer to this truly human tragedy?  Actually, the CM should tread cautiously when handing out assurances and promises. Otherwise his plate will be quite crowded with unnecessary items. Remember the election promise of having a Dalit chief minister. Where is he?

But, purely on moral and humanitarian grounds, KCR should reach out to the tiller of the soil and his poor families, and provide succor.

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