KCR Worried About Kodandaram Launching A Political Party?

Hyderabad: TRS, a party with a strangle hold on Telangana State. is facing tough task after about 3 years in office. It is seriously grappling with the issue of Prof Kodandaram. All these daysA� went on smoothly for the ruling party without much pressure from opposition parties. There has been no political agitation worthy of taking cognisance. CM also tried to woo the voters with schemes like double bed room, farmers’ loan waiver, new projects etc. He is now forced to appoint chairmen to various corporations which he did not take seriously till now.

But things look different from now, with a span of 24 months left for next general elections, anti-incumbency is slowly creeping against ruling party from different sections of people. Anti-government sentiment was taken to a new high by Prof Kodandaram, TJAC President.

TRS leaders took Kodandaram lightly. After getting reports from IB, about the raise in anti-government sentiment on ground level, the establishment has started to cut TJAC into pieces. bY pulling out key leader Pittala Ravinder from Kodandaram fold.

TRS is now using the newly acquired weapon, in the form of Pittala Ravinder, against Prof. Kodandaram. In addition to this, Ravinder wrote a letter to TJAC questioning the desire of launching political party. Senior advocate Prahlad and Tanvir joined hands with Ravinder( Both were in key posts of TJAC prior to this) criticising KodandaramA� for talking of a political party like AAP while being the TJAC’s Chairman.

He has no respect for women, treated dalits and weaker sections as his slaves, behaves like a monarch insisting that all should work for him, they alleged.

‘You have enjoyed government job and now receiving pension, but for T state you did not sacrifice anything,’ the rebel leaders alleged in an open letter to the professor. They felt there should be a replacement for Kodandaram as TJAC Chairman.

Scenario is now clear. TRS leaders, along with KCR, are worried about growing strength of Kodandram at grassroot level. According to sources, senior leaders from Congress, TDP and BJP may move towards Kodandaram if a new political party takes birth after June 2nd.

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  1. Haarika says:

    Kcr is in politics from so many years.He knows how to handle it.All this is media hype.Media doesn’t know the ground realities.They only sit in AC rooms and comment.

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