KCR Wins Hearts Of Police

KCR heaped praise on the police officers for the good service they are doing. He assured them that his Government will solve all their problems and provide all equipments to make them more efficient.

Hyderabad: Oratory is his asset. Whether it is cursing someone or raining boons on people; no one can match him. Telangana Chief Minister K Chandra Shekar Rao (KCR) did the same on Friday and stole the hearts of police. In a meeting with 1500 police officers, KCR showered praise on them for their commitment. Probably this might become the most memorable day to the Telangana police officers. From SI to DGP, police belonging to different cadre participated in the meeting.

In a A�meeting organised at HICC in Madhapur on Friday, KCR praised the role of police in achieving statehood. He also lauded them for their indirect help in State formation. He said that Telangana police had wiped away the apprehensions of some people who said that a separate Telangana might be infested with Maoists. Revealing that the State Police is receiving accolades from Centre every time he went to Delhi, he assured complete cooperation from the government.

Not only did he mention the problems of police, he also assured them that he will solve them. He also said that his government will be sanctioning a�?500 crores to buy modern vehicles for police force. A�KCR reminded them that he had bought four thousand vehicles for the police department. He expressed hope that their performance will further improve once they get the new vehicles.

To create faith in the police, KCR said he encouraged friendly police system and mentioned his Singapore visit in this context. When he went to Singapore, he said that he found that the situation was not conducive for women to come out late in the night. a�?I did not want such a situation in Hyderabad, hence, created She Teams,a�? he added.

He also suggested that when a police officer retires, he should be sent home respectfully. Take him in a special vehicle and drop him at home, he advised.

Saying that police is an important part of the system, and he said that they should serve without taking any bribes. Accepting that an exercise on promotions in police department should take place, KCR assured that his government would take a decision in that direction.

He also said that there should not be a situation where police will have to wait for pensions. KCR announced that the revenue that was accrued by selling lands in Rayadurgam will be given to police department. He also reminded them that this government has created many facilities for police which were not available in other states.

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