KCR waives off Rs 3,920-cr housing loan for poor, says wona��t spare corrupt

Hyderabad: TelanganaA�Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has announced waiver of Rs 3,920 crore loans given to the poor under housing scheme.

The government has mobilized Rs 17,660 crores for housing scheme and will construct the houses for the poor free of cost by removing loan burden. a�?We have allocated Rs 1,433 crores in the budget for two years and received Rs 333 crores from the Centrea�?, KCR said during a short discussion on housing scheme for poor in the State in the Assembly on Tuesday. He added a�?while previous governments spent Rs 1,100 crores on the scheme, we have allocated Rs 17,660 crores.a�? The Chief Minister alleged endless corruption and financial irregularities in the previous Indiramma Housing Scheme.

The Chief Minister warned that his government will make sure that those who indulged in corruption and monetary irregularities with regard to Indiramma Housing Corporation will be recovered by expediting the inquiry. Staff of the multi-knotty housing corporation was shifted to other wings, outsourcing staff removed and will punish the corrupt, who swindled money in the housing scheme during previous governments, KCR declared.

Those who swindled money will be made to cough up the tainted money by expediting investigation, he said, adding that there was a lot of disparity with government details of the housing and the number of beneficiaries, who are still seeking houses. a�?We have scrapped the housing corporation scheme and Rs 1100 crores will be spent for Indiramma Housing Scheme in a transparent manner by district collectors.a�?

The Chief Minister said since sword of Damocles was hanging on the heads of the poor awaiting the housing facility, the TRS Government has decided to relieve them of the loan burden of Rs 3,920 crores. a�?We have procured 650 acres of land inA�HyderabadA�to construct 2.60 lakh housesa�?, he said, adding that the government will not go back on the construction of poor houses.

Legislators will only select the villages for housing and will not interfere with selection of the beneficiaries which will be done by officials. a�?Our plan is to construct housing at sites where the people are staying in temporary houses and huts. Due to lack of space the construction works are getting delayed though we will construct double bedroom houses at any cost and will not construct box type of houses which was done during the previous government,a�? KCR said.

As per survey and inquiry by collectors, it was revealed that 1.19 lakh houses were found to be bogus, 246,170 houses are under construction including 56,059 houses built and 2.40 lakh houses under various stages of construction. Contractors are now convinced to take up construction works of housing scheme on social angle, he added. The TRS Government paid Rs 360.48 crores for Indiramma Housing Scheme and on completion will have to pay Rs 1,159.85 crores. The housing scheme will be implemented avoiding political or any sort of corruption to ensure that the poor live in comfort manner, he said.


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