KCR Vows To Work Relentlessly For The Welfare Of Telangana

Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao has vowed to work relentlessly for the growth and welfare of Telangana State which is celebrating its third foundation day.

Hyderabad: Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao vowed to work with dedication, utmost commitment, relentlessly for the welfare State combined with his thought, words and action. He was speaking on the occasion of Statea��s Formation Day Celebrations on Friday.

a�?For what purpose did we lead the great movement and what dreams that we wanted to be realised in our own State, the Telangana State is marching in the the progressive path, fulfilling those aspirations and realising those dreams,a�? he said.

Stating that he would pray to God that schemes of drinking water, water for irrigation, infrastructure, power and Welfare schemes should be successfully implemented and make people lead a happy and prosperous life and he seeks His blessings for this, KCR put the progress report of the State before people.

In its recent report, CAG for the financial year 2017-18 stated that Telangana state stood first in the revenue growth rate in the country registering 17.82 per cent growth, he said. We should all be proud of it and it is a good omen for us, he added. a�?I declare it proudly that it is due to proper policy planning, financial prudence and discipline of the government policies that the growth rate was achieved.a�?

The government is spending a�? 40,000 crore for 35 Welfare Schemes, KCR said. A Liona��s share of the Statea��s income is being spent for the peoplea��s welfare, he claimed. The government is giving pension under Asara Scheme to 40 Lakh helpless individuals.A� For the marriage of daughters from the poor families, we are implementing Shaadi Mubarak/Kalyan Laxmi Schemes. To the hungry poor, 6-Kgs of rice is given per member at a subsidised price of one Rupee per KG. To help the poor to live with dignity, 2 Bed Room Houses are given free of cost. For all the hostel students, fine rice is supplied for their meal, he narrated different schemes being implemented.

For the benefit of SC/STs, a Special Fund is created based on their population figures and special programmes are framed for the development and Welfare, the Chief Minister said. For the first time in independent Indiaa��s history, ours is the first government, which created a fund for lawyers, and journalists in the Statea��s Budget, he proudly declared.

Saying that soon after the formation of the State, the greatest challenge before the government was that of the power crisis, but we have successfully got over the crisis and we have come to a stage where we have no power cuts, instead we have an uninterrupted quality power supply.A� He told that new power plants are being set up to make the State surplus in power generation in future. We are making serious efforts to provide 24 hours round the clock uninterrupted quality power supply to farmers this summer itself, he added.

To supply safe and pure drinking water at the doorstep of people we have launched Mission Bhagiratha Programme and works are going on a war footing, KCR claimed. By end of this December, river water will reach all the villages putting an end to the drinking water problem in the state once and for all, he assured.

Speaking about developing the transport sector in a big way, he said efforts are being made for the safety and comfortable travel of the people. The TS IPASS innovative industrial policy of the government has been yielding good results and it is attracting huge investments into the State, he said. The Telangana State stood first in Ease of Doing Business in the country, he proudly announced. The State government has several innovative programmes in the IT Sector; as a result, investments and industrial production registered high percentage in the sector.

Stating that the government made a comprehensive plan to develop the agricultural economy which is the backbone to the rural areas while offering financial support to the agro-based activities and thereby putting the villages on the progressive path, he said no one in the country took up such scientific action.

For the first time in the country, Rs 17,000 Crore crop loans of 35. 30 Lakh farmers are waived. Mission Kakatiya programme with tremendous spirit and zeal is going on to revive and rejuvenate 46, 000 tanks all over the State, he explained. Already during the last two years 16, 000 tanks were rejuvenated. This year work is on to revive 5, 000 more tanks. Tanks revived under Mission Kakatiya are brimming with water and there is an increase in the ground water table. This has resulted in a change of life and atmosphere in the villages.

The Telangana state government is keeping the seeds and fertilisers and stocked them beforehand and to make them available at the doorstep of farmers. Now there is no scarcity of seed and fertiliser. We are giving huge subsidies for poly houses, Greenhouse cultivation. For micro irrigation, 100 percent subsidy is given to SC/STs, 90 percent to others. We have constructed godowns with a huge capacity to store the agriculture produce, he said.

To make agriculture profitable, the State government has done a lot of thinking and had extensive discussions with Agriculture Scientists and farmers. Based on this, the government formulated a meticulous plan of action to be implemented.

Speaking about hereditary professions which were ignored by successive governments, he said that the State government has decided to offer help and support to these professions and bring light into the lives of people living on these professions. For the first time in the country, budgetary allocations are made for these trades and professions and these programmes are designed for them.

a�?I am happy to announce that we are buying and distributing 84 Lakh Sheep with an investment of a�? 5, 000 crore ito Yadav and Kuruma families,a�? he said. This scheme will result in accumulatio of wealth worth Rs 20,000 Crore!A� For Yadav and Kuruma families, he added. By taking up sheep breeding on large scale, not only Telangana State will become self-sufficient in its need for meat but will be in a position to export it to other States and countries. He also stated the schemes are being implemented to other castes that are into hereditary professions. For the Most backward classes, Nomadic tribes, the government has set up a finance corporation with a�? 1000 crore budget, he said.

Quoting Maha Kavi Dasaradhi Krishnamacharya, which he said always linger in his mind a��a��. a�?How far is the new age where there are no one with hunger and destitute?

When will there be a time where there are no famine and starvation?a�?

He vowed emotionally to work for the welfare of the State.

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