KCR Vows to Beautify Hyderabad

HYDERABAD: Thanking all those who participated in the Swacch Hyderabad program and making it a grand success, Chief Minister Chandrasekhar Rao here on Tuesday lamented that the condition of 390-km-long-72 nalas was bad with drainage water flowing instead of rainwater.

Deploring that illegal constructions have come up over the nalas and even in the nalasa�� water, Rao stressed the need to set right these things.

Addressing a meeting attended by ministers, MPs, legislators, cantonment members and officials, the chief minister said the sanitation situation in Greater Hyderabad was also not good because there are no arrangements to take away the 4000 meter garbage being formed in the city everyday.

He said there was immediate need to lift away garbage as well as debris in the city. Pointing out that high-tension electric wires were passing through many bastis (localities), Rao said thewires have become very dangerous and many people were dying because of them.

He also said the problem of low-voltage in the old city and several other areas were brought to his notice during his padayatra. He said he was also told that drinking water was being polluted with drainage water in several parts of the city.

a�?This is very bad. There is immediate need to solve these problems on permanent basis. We should stop talking and concentrate on work to end the problems of the citizens. The government would sanction necessary amounts, and the city MPs and MLAs should supervise these works irrespective of political affiliations. The historic city will not be in our hands if we continue to neglect the problems. Under the circumstances, we must be careful and take appropriate steps urgentlya�?, he added.

Stating that investors from all over the world were looking towards Hyderabad, Rao said, a�?Let us beautify the historic city by removing hanging HT wires in several parts of the city,a�? he said.

Rao said his government was planning to set up three new electric sub-stations to solve the low-voltage problem. Opining that present man-pulled rickshaws were not useful to lift the garbage, he said only auto-trolleys would be useful and the government would arrange dump-yards around the city up to 50km away.

He also received suggestions and advices from the peoplea��s representatives. All those present also endorsed Raoa��s proposals on the city issues.

Rao also has decided to send a delegation of GHMC officials and peoplea��s representatives to Delhi and Nagpur to study waste materials disposal system there.

a�?There are many problems. But we should not get panicked. We have started the work now, and we will change the face of Hyderabad with the financial assistance from the center. Let us all join hands to this gigantic task,a�? he said.

Earlier, GHMC Commissioner Somesh Kumar explained about the Swacch Hyderabad program in detail. Deputy Chief Minister Mahmood Ali, minister Nayani Narsimha Reddy, Jupally Krishna Rao, Talasani Srinivas Yadav, Padma Rao and Union Minister Bandaru Dattatreya were present. (NSS)

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