KCR tells panel TS wants amicable solution to water row without going to court

Hyderabad: The Telangana Government prefers to avoid dispute over the use of Krishna river water sharing and favours to resolve the issue by sitting across the table instead of moving courts, Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has said. a�?We want to discuss with Andhra Pradesh officials to sort our river water issuesa�?, KCR informed Bajaj Committee which met him at Pragathi Bhavan here.

Speaking to the Bajaj Committee team of officials constituted by Union Water Resources Ministry, the Chief Minister expressed hope that the dispute will be settled once the officials of two Telugu states sit across the table. a�?We want to put an end to the water woes of two states which can use their rightful share of watersa�?, he said. KCR urged the committee to distribute river waters under two schemes by preparing two proposals a�� one when there is no water in the rivers due to shortage of rainfall and other when there is surplus water.

He asked the committee to prepare operational rules on the use of waters from combined projects. a�?We are not in a mood to move court time and again and instead hope to discuss with AP officials to amicably resolve the issues,a�? he said. Suggesting to the AP Government to protect the interests of the farmers by making ample use of the waters, he said on an average Krishna and Godavari have 4000 tmc waters. Instead of dragging on the issue it is better to curb 3000 tmc waters going waste into the sea, he said.

The committee apprised the Chief Minister of the versions they obtained from both the States. Earlier, during a meeting with officials of two states at Jala Soudha, the committee held a discussion. While TS irrigation officials objected to bring Jurala under combined projects, AP did so and denied to share Pulichintala and Sunkesula under joint projects. The committee is to submit a report comprising the versions of the two States to the Centre.

Irrigation advisor R Vidyasagar Rao criticised that the committee has changed its version on the issue after returning from Vijayawada. Telangana officials will meet the Centre on Friday to get its share from Polavaram and Pattiseema projects he said. He sought to allot 96 per cent waters from Krishna under Polavaram and 45 tmc to AP under Krishna surplus waters and also 65 per cent to TS and 35 per cent to AP from Pattiseema. a��NSS

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