KCR Sounds Poll Bugle, Makes Free Fertilizer Major Slogan In Plenary

Doling out a�? 4,000 per acre for farmers is going to be a major campaigning point in 2019 elections for KCR

Hyderabad: Riding on a popular support for his rule, Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao (KCR) has sounded bugle for the 2019 general elections by making a strong plea to support him in the making of stronger, richer Telangana. Speaking at the 11th plenary session of TRS on Friday at Kompally in the city outskirts, he said the new state has already earned a name of traversing on a growth trajectory and he is confident of making it richer on all fronts.

Stating that farmer in the state should become king in Telangana, KCR dwelt at length on his new scheme of providing Rs 4,000/ to all the ryots in the state from the next financial year – made it amply clear that it is going to be one of his major poll slogans.

Besides narrating a slew of welfare measures targeting all sections of the society,especially the BCs and the down-trodden, he added some more attractive features to the fertilizers scheme. a�?This Rs 4,000/ is not just for fertilizers. It can be used for anything. The farmers can buy fertilizers, pesticides, seeds , manures or ordure etc. This Rs 4000/ is only for one crop. The farmers can get another Rs 4000/ for summer crops too. This means they will get financial support twice a year. There are no restrictions. Just as we supply power free of costs to all the agricultural fields, just as loan waiver was extended to all farmers, free fertilizer scheme is also applicable to all ryots- big , medium, small and marginal farmers. In fact in Telangana majority of the farmers are having a field less than 2.5 acres (62%), where as 25 percent of ryots have nearly ten acres. “I promise you that this will continue till you sustain yourself,” KCR announced amidst continuous applause from the delegates.

The plenary has accepted a resolution put forward by Mr Rao urging the Centre to make MNAREGA scheme to be interlinked with agriculture sector. ” I am going to tell the Union government when I go to Delhi on April 23 to participate in the NIti Ayog meeting, ” he said.

KCR has also chanted welfare mantra and outlined all his recent promises targeting vulnerable sections of the society. He has also indicated that some more sops are also in the offing.

Lacing his speech with barbs against the rulers of United AP, KCR pooh-poohed congressa�� claim that free fertilizers scheme was a copy of their slogans. Congress has made itself a laughing stock with this statement, he remarked.

Doling out a�? 4,000 per acre for farmers is going to be a major campaigning point in 2019 elections for KCR

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