KCR Salutes Civic Workers For Clean Drive

HYDERABAD: Comparing municipal workers cleansing the city to gods, Chief Minister Chandrasekhar Rao today saluted them for their commitment.

Formally inaugurating the much-hyped a�?Swatch Hyderabada�? a�� Swatch Telanganaa�? along with Governor Narasimhan, Union Minister Bandaru Dattatreya and other leaders at Hitex here on Saturday, Rao lauded the municipal sweepers for their regular clean drive.

a�?We have to salute them for cleaning the city and making it a dirt and stash freea�?, he stated.

The chief minister also said, a�?We have to recognize the services of the workers. Indeed, it is our duty to help them in cleaning our own city,a�? Rao remarked. He exuded confidence that the clean drive with collective efforts of the people would remain a success.

Rao called upon the people to participate voluntarily to make the city clean. He extended thanks to governor and Bandaru Dattatreya for their support. Dattatreya made efforts to sanction 75 crore rupees for the program through NITI Ayog, he stated.

He expressed concern that the historic city has a large number of people with meager facilities and amenities.

Dattatreya Thanks KCR

Extending thanks to Rao on behalf of the center, Dattatreya gave a pat to the chief minister for taking up the program in a scientific manner.

a�?This program should help create awareness among the people to clean their homes and premises and keep themselves healthy,a�? he said, and called upon the people to come forward voluntarily to clean up Hyderabad and make it a beautiful city.

Hyderabad is a global city and it would adorn a great look with the ongoing clean drive, he said. (NSS)

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