KCR a��s 2 Crore on private jet draws flak

Lata Jain

Telangana may be in the midst of a major financial crisis, but this has not stopped Chief Minister K.Chandra shekar Rao from spending a steep Rs.2 crore of the public exchequer money on himself. He is seen spending lavishly which includes refurbishing various offices and hiring aircraft and helicopters for his travels .

Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Raoa��s has proposed an official visit to China and other countries from September 8 to 16 with a few ministers. Telangana government has issued an order giving administrative sanction for hiring a chartered flight at a cost of over Rs 2 crore for this lavish trip.A�Chief Minister KCR is leading this delegation to Peoplea��s Republic of China to attend the World Economic Forum at Dalian and other places in China to showcase investments in the recently formed 29thstate, Telangana.

The financially dept trapped government is spending heavily on KCR s travel which is shocking the common man. A staggering Rs.6 crores has been spent on his travelling for the past three and half months.A�Chandrasekhar Rao has been touring various districts of Telangana to identify suitable lands for his Mega Projects which include a pharma city and a cinema city. Each time a helicopter is booked the government ends up spending rs.2 crores per month to hire one for the chief minister KCRs taste.

According to the company spokesperson, Mike, CRJ is a Canadian make 50-seater aircraft customized to seat 17+1 passengers with plush interiors, leather seats, sofas and a customized entertainment centre. a�?This is the only top-of the line business jet model launched in India.A�The most prominent aspect of the CRJ is the space it offers. The luxury seats can rotate 180 degree, enabling guests to hold meetings and dine with one another, in luxurious surrounding,a�?

State finance departmentA�on TuesdayA�released the amount for advance payment to the company AR Airways Private Limited for blocking the Aircraft CRJ 100 The state’s aviation chief has worked out a bill ofA�Rs.A�2,03, 84, 625, to be paid in advance to the private jet company. Apart from the flight-hiring charges, the state government will also foot the bill for the hotel stay and other incidental expenditures of the team member which easily run into another crore.

While there is an outcry in the state as the rains have failed and farmers are committing suicide. There is a 26% deficient rainfall as on today.A�o far, 536 farmers have committed suicide in Telangana since 2 June 2014, according to Rythu Swarajya Vedika, a network of grassroots non-profit organizationsa��a toll thata��s at vast variance with the official estimate of 82 deaths.

With 124 farmer suicides, Warangal is the district worst hit by agrarian distress, followed by Nalgonda (115) and Medak (86), according to the organization.

Instead of going about his work by displaying austerity, the Telanagana CM is doing the exact opposite and bleeding the statea��s coffers, a�?lamented a senior official who did not want to be named.

Recently OppositionA�parties have slammed Telengana Chief Minister K.Chandrasekhar Rao for spending Rs 5 crore on a vanity bus for his tours. The bus, manufactured by Mercedes Benz, the bullet-proof bus is believed to be equipped with the latest technology and secured to withstand attacks. The bus boasts of a bedroom, a rest room, a small hall for holding meetings and stairs to address people from the roof top of the vehicle. People have elected TRS with a great deal of expectations for making this new state a front-ranking state in the country but the propriety of the Govt seems to be in living a luxurious life, said BJP spokesperson FVL Narasimha Rao. He also urged the CM to not indulge in spending money lavishly and meaninglessly.

Common man/citizen condemned the a�?lavisha�? spending variously as a�?ludicrousa�?, a�?an outragea�? and a�?an absolute disgracea�?.

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