KCR Revives Sahitya Academi, Appoints Nandini Siddha Reddy Ita��s Chief

Telangana Government has established Telangana Sahitya Academi and appointed accomplished poet Nandini Siddha Reddy as its chairman. Reddy will be organising the World Telugu Conference in the first fortnight of June.

Hyderabad: Nandini Siddha Reddy, famous poet and newly appointed chairman of Telangana Sahitya Academi (TSA), has been entrusted with the job of organising the World Telugu Conference (WTC).

Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao (KCR) has conveyed the news of establishing TSA and appointing his childhood friend Siddha Reddy with a hug on Tuesday at Pragati Bhavan.

Andhra Pradesh Sahitya Academi was dissolved by NT Rama Rao in 1983. NTR dismantled all academies (including AP Sangeetha Nataka Academi and Lalitha Kala Academi) and created Telugu University to do the work of all the academies besides discharging other responsibilities. But the university, burdened by numerous responsibilities,A� could not deliver properly. It has been doing all the things like giving awards to books, writers and presentingA� life achievement awards. But things are done in a hurried manner. The listless way of felicitating a poet or an author has become a routine affair without making the presenters or the recipients happy. It was realised by the literary class as well as the political class that the academies have to be revived. Veteran journalist Pothuri Venkateswara Rao was asked by the government to study the matter. He recommended revival of the academies. Then came the division of Andhra Pradesh and creation of a separate Telangana State.

Ever since Telangana was formed on 2 June 2014, Nandini Siddha Reddy has been demanding, in his own humble way, the launching of a Sahitya Academy for Telangana. Chief Minister KCR had offered Siddha Reddy the chairmanship of Official Language Commission. Reddy declined it. His heart and soul were on the Academi. KCR had taken almost three years to clear the way for setting up a Sahitya Academi for Telangana. Now his dream has come true. It is a great news for all lovers of literature.

Siddha Reddy was born in 1955. He had his school education at Velkaturu and Siddipet. His father Bala Siddha Reddy fought against rajakars ( the private army of the Nizam of Hyderabad).Siddha Reddy did his MA in Telugu from Osmania University. He did his MPhil in 1981. He got his PhD in modern poetry in 1986. He retired as a lecturer at Siddipet government college in 2012.

Siddha Reddy has been writing poetry right from his school days. He published compilations of poetry like Pranahita, Bhoomi Swapnam, Diviti, Nageti Saalalla, Ikkadi Chetla gaali and Oka Baadha Kaadu. He established Nava Sahiti and Medak Study Circle. He was editor of Manjira. He brought out eight volumes of poetry. He was founder-president of Telangana Rachayitala Vedika for some years since 2001. His book, Nageti saallalla… has been a wakeup call for the Telangana statehoodA� movement.

Siddha Reddy has met Irrigation Minister Harish Rao on Wednesday and had breakfast with him. It was the initiative of Harish Rao and the concerted efforts of Desapati Srinivas, Special Officer,A� have been helpful in taking the historic decision to establish Telangana Sahitya Academi.

Siddha Reddy said after the meeting KCR on Tuesday that he would repay the literary debt to the people of Telangana. He will be taking the oath shortly. Ravindra Bharati will be the place where he will have his office for the present.

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