KCR Rebuts Amit Shah’s Charges

He was seen on a condemning spree of every statement made by the BJP president as part of his Telangana tour.

Hyderabad: Telangana Chief Minister K Chandra shekhar Rao(KCR)who maintained silence for the past two days finally opened his mouth to rebut the criticism made by BJP president Amit Shah.A� He was seen on a condemning spree of every statement made by the BJP president as part of his Telangana tour.

Claiming that what Amit Shah said were lies, he took exception to Shaha��s criticism about working of Telangana government.A� While foreign countries are appreciating Telangana government, how Shah can speak in such a degrading manner, he asked. He clarified that he would not tolerate if Telangana is belittled, trying to exploit the sentiment factor. KCR also demanded that Amit Shah should answer to all the points that he has raised.

He alleged that Amit Shah is lying in an outright manner. a�?They are dreaming of forming a government in Telangana. Even I want to form a government in the country.A� But not all dreams become reality,a�? he remarked. Saying that when Central ministers are appreciating the schemes of Telangana government, how can he criticise the government functioning, he asked.

Mission Bhagiratha and Mission Kakatiya got accolades from across the country, he maintained. Not even a single national project was given to the newly formed State, he added.

Observing that Telangana is the richest State in the country and giving thousands of crores to the Centre in the form of taxes, why will it need Centrea��s assistance, he asked. Shaha��s claims of Centre giving one lakh crores to the State are not real, he asserted.

Shah is attacking the government in a planned way, he alleged. Condemning each of the claims made by Shah during his visit, KCR gave an explanation to almost every point. He explained how much did Centre give to the State after formation under different heads and concluded that total amount the state got was only a�? 67 thousand crore. It is the Centre which said that the growth of Telangana is 19.5 percent, he reminded.

He also challenged if they prove what he said was untrue, he would resign his post. While the Centre closed Model schools, Telangana is continuing them, he said. a�?It is not fair on Amit Shaha��s part to speak in such a way that the investors suspect,a�? he said.A� He also said that ita��s not fair to disgrace the development for silly political reasons.A� He expressed concern that even Advani spoke ill of Telangana earlier.

Ita��s my responsibility to rebut his claims and he needs to say sorry to Telangana people.

He alleged that the food served to Amit Shah in Teratpally Dalitwada was not prepared by Dalits. a�?You only acted as though you had food,a�? he alleged. It was prepared in Kammagudem and brought there, he said. Eating in Dalitagudem means eating the food prepared by them, he observed.

The Chief Minister clarified that he doesn’t have any issues with Prime Minister Modi. a�?Those who speak against Telangana are our enemies and Telangana is our Badshah,” he declared. We supported demonetisation like no other party, but when I asked about black money, they said it was election gimmick, he claimed.

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