KCR Rebuts Amit Shah’s Charges

He was seen on a condemning spree of every statement made by the BJP president as part of his Telangana tour.

Hyderabad: Telangana Chief Minister K Chandra shekhar Rao(KCR)who maintained silence for the past two days finally opened his mouth to rebut the criticism made by BJP president Amit Shah.  He was seen on a condemning spree of every statement made by the BJP president as part of his Telangana tour.

Claiming that what Amit Shah said were lies, he took exception to Shah’s criticism about working of Telangana government.  While foreign countries are appreciating Telangana government, how Shah can speak in such a degrading manner, he asked. He clarified that he would not tolerate if Telangana is belittled, trying to exploit the sentiment factor. KCR also demanded that Amit Shah should answer to all the points that he has raised.

He alleged that Amit Shah is lying in an outright manner. “They are dreaming of forming a government in Telangana. Even I want to form a government in the country.  But not all dreams become reality,” he remarked. Saying that when Central ministers are appreciating the schemes of Telangana government, how can he criticise the government functioning, he asked.

Mission Bhagiratha and Mission Kakatiya got accolades from across the country, he maintained. Not even a single national project was given to the newly formed State, he added.

Observing that Telangana is the richest State in the country and giving thousands of crores to the Centre in the form of taxes, why will it need Centre’s assistance, he asked. Shah’s claims of Centre giving one lakh crores to the State are not real, he asserted.

Shah is attacking the government in a planned way, he alleged. Condemning each of the claims made by Shah during his visit, KCR gave an explanation to almost every point. He explained how much did Centre give to the State after formation under different heads and concluded that total amount the state got was only ₹ 67 thousand crore. It is the Centre which said that the growth of Telangana is 19.5 percent, he reminded.

He also challenged if they prove what he said was untrue, he would resign his post. While the Centre closed Model schools, Telangana is continuing them, he said. “It is not fair on Amit Shah’s part to speak in such a way that the investors suspect,” he said.  He also said that it’s not fair to disgrace the development for silly political reasons.  He expressed concern that even Advani spoke ill of Telangana earlier.

It’s my responsibility to rebut his claims and he needs to say sorry to Telangana people.

He alleged that the food served to Amit Shah in Teratpally Dalitwada was not prepared by Dalits. “You only acted as though you had food,” he alleged. It was prepared in Kammagudem and brought there, he said. Eating in Dalitagudem means eating the food prepared by them, he observed.

The Chief Minister clarified that he doesn’t have any issues with Prime Minister Modi. “Those who speak against Telangana are our enemies and Telangana is our Badshah,” he declared. We supported demonetisation like no other party, but when I asked about black money, they said it was election gimmick, he claimed.

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Congress Fumes Over Amit Shah’s Remarks On Mahatma

While the Congress alleged that Shah belittled Mahatma by calling him a ‘chatur baniya,’ and demanded an apology from him, Shah refuted that Congress has a lot to answer on Mahatma’s principles.

New Delhi: BJP president Amit Shah’s remarks on Friday evening regarding Mahatma Gandhi are creating a storm with Congress demanding an apology from him.

The BJP president had said that Mahatma Gandhi was a ‘chatur baniya,’ who knew that Congress was a tool to fight for freedom and suggested that party be dissolved after Independence.

The Congress attacked Amit Shah for using such a phrase for Mahatma Gandhi.

Reacting to Shah’s comments, Congress spokesperson Randeep Surjewala said that he not only insulted and freedom fighters but also Mahatma Gandhi and demanded an apology from Shah for belittling the Father of the Nation.

“He should apologise for slinging mud on the Father of the Nation and shaming freedom struggle,” Surjewala demanded.

Stepping up his attack Surjewala said that BJP’s black Englishmen after independence are doing what British did earlier. The statement is a reflection of what is going on in Shah’s head. “It is scary that this party is leading the nation,” he said.

Meanwhile, responding to Surjewala’s demand for an apology, Amit Shah defended his remarks and said, “Everyone in the meeting knows with what intent I called Mahatma Gandhi a baniya. Surjewala has a lot to answer on Mahatma’s principles.”

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Decision On Alliance In AP 2 Months Before Elections: Amit Shah

Amit Shaw casually said that a decision regarding the alliance between the BJP and TDP for 2019 elections will be taken just two months ahead of polls.

New Delhi: BJP national president Amit Shah told journalists in an informal chat on Sunday evening at Hotel Ashoka that his party would decide on the question of having or not having alliance with the TDP in AP two months before general elections in 2019.

After GVL Narasimha Rao, national spokesman of BJP, finished a one and half hour presentation on the achievements of the NDA Government, Amit Shah and Union Information Minister M Venkaiah Naidu had dinner with the senior journalists and heads of media organisations who have been specially invited on the occasion of the Government headed by Narendra Modi completing three years.

Speaking off the record with the guests, Shah said his party would capture power in Karnataka, Telangana and other States in 2019 elections. When a journalist asked about the BJP’s strategy for Andhra Pradesh, Shah said the decision on the alliance will be taken two months before the elections. Venkaiah Naidu who was sitting on the right side of Amit Shah did not comment.

Answering a question on the outburst by Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao (KCR), Shah said KCR’s attack has given good publicity for his Telangana visit. By focusing his criticism on the BJP, KCR has made it clear that he was really concerned with the growing popularity of the BJP, Shah opined. He said KCR has made it clear that his main rival is the BJP and not the Congress. That itself is a gain for the party accrued from his three-day visit to Telangana. Amit Shah is acutely aware that there is no pan-Telangana leader in his party. Former party president Kishen Reddy has lost his  clout. First he differed with Venkaiah Naidu and then compromised with him by joining his camp once again. Kishen Reddy, an MLA representing Amberpet in Hyderabad city, is also the leader of the BJP legislative party. But he could not expand his or his party’s influence beyond Hyderabad.

Leaders like Muralidhar  Rao, national General Secretary of the party, could not utilise the opportunities provided by the positions they held to improve his clout and the party’s popularity. Rao has been given the charge of training the party cadres. He should have organised party training camps aggressively and brought national leaders to Telangana. Instead, he was spending his time and energies on unproductive activities.

Same kind of problems confronts the national president regarding AP unit as well. The party which won four Lok Sabha seats in the State earlier, had not grown under the leadership of the party’s AP unit’s president Haribabu. A staunch follower of Venkaiah Naidu, Haribabu has been content with the alliance with the TDP and sharing of power at the Centre and in the State. He did not take a single initiative to develop the party in all the thirteen districts. The booth level committee is a result of the initiative taken by the national president. It was implemented by the AP and Telangana units of the party. But there is precious little that both the units have done on their own to use Modi’s image and popularity to improve party’s presence.

Moreover, the BJP in AP is vertically divided with a major section being unhappy with Venkaiah Naidu. The Union Ministet is very close to Prime Minister Modi and Chief Minister Naidu. He had been a cementing force in the relationship between Modi and Naidu. Leaders like Somu Veerraju, Purandeswari and Kavuri Sambasiva Rao want the alliance with the TDP ended as soon as possible so that the party can grow independently. They also want the state party leadership to be changed. They presented their argument forcefully when Shah visited Vijayawada last week. They are waiting for reaction.

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Modi Gave Rs 1.75 Lakh Crore to AP, Says Amit Shah

The BJP chief Amit Shah has claimed that the Modi government gave Rs 1.75 lakh crore to AP government in the last three years, besides giving 10 Central institutions, which was a record in the history of the state.

Amaravati: BJP National President Amit Shah, who addressed the party workers on Thursday, claimed that the Central government headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave Rs 1.75 lakh crore to the Andhra Pradesh government in the last three years. He said the Modi government also cleared more than a dozen Central government institutions like IIT, NIT, and AIIMS, making a record after Independence.

Shah addressed a huge gathering of the party booth level committee members and said that the meeting was the beginning of the BJP’s victory in the state. He said that Vijayawada, the land of victory that had given Pasupatha to Arjun from Lord Shiva, would give power to BJP shortly. Holding a six-page document in his hand, Amit Shah said that all the six pages contained the funds and projects given to Andhra Pradesh by the Modi government in the last three years. He further said that the list would go a long way in the years to come with the Modi government treating AP as a special state.

The BJP chief also referred to the popular demand of Special Category Status to the state and said that the BJP government at the Center was giving more benefits to the state in the form of special package than what was expected to the state through Special Category Status. He further alleged that the Congress, which divided the state, did not mention the special category status in the Bifurcation Act. The 14th Finance Commission, which was constituted by the UPA government also recommended against special category status because of which the NDA government had to go for the special package, he reiterated.

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Unlike KCR, Naidu Tries To Befriend Amit Shah

TS Chief Minister KCR had openly criticised BJP chief Amit Shah for his tall claims about Central funds to the State, while AP CM Naidu extended olive branch and offered lunch.

Amaravati: Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao ( KCR) had fired a salvo at BJP national president Amit Shah even before the latter completed his three-day tour in the State. KCR raised objections to the claims of the BJP chief on Central assistance given to the TS government and even dared to quit his office if the claims were proved. He further claimed that the Central government had given to the State what was due for the State and nothing more had come.

He tried to tear the BJP into pieces for Shah’s visit and the tricks that the party had played for political mileage including hosting of lunch for the Dalits. By targeting Shah, the TS Chief Minister had won the hearts of the people both in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh as well.

But, in less than 24 hours, AP Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu had extended an olive branch to Shah. Interestingly, Naidu who was in Hyderabad attending the TDP’s Telangana Mahanadu stayed back in the night only to accompany Shah to Andhra Pradesh in the morning. Though Naidu could have come back to Amaravati by a chartered flight in the night, his usual way of travel, he opted to stay back and accompany Shah to Andhra Pradesh, which did not go well with the leaders of both the TDP and the BJP.

Amit Shah had during his earlier meeting in Rajamahendravaram claimed that the Center had given more than ₹ 1.45 lakh crore to the State. He is set to make even greater claims in his party workers meeting scheduled to be held this evening. But, Naidu, unlike KCR, is not prepared for an showdown  with the BJP chief. He is also understood to be not ready to allow his party leaders to raise any objections to the claims of the BJP on extending financial support to the State.

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Why Did KCR React Savagely To Amit Shah’s Barbs?

Amit Shah’s Telangana visit has ended on a stormy note with Chief Minister KCR indulging in a blistering counterattack. Why did KCR choose to be so aggressive in his criticism of Amit Shah? Here is why…

Hyderabad: Why was Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao (KCR) so explosive in his media conference on Wednesday in which he tore BJP’s national president Amit Shah’s argument to pieces? KCR’s nephew and an important minister T Harish Rao has already given a fitting reply to Amit Shah’s criticism. Why did KCR have to get into a dual with the second most powerful person in the country after the prime minister? Why did he have to ridicule the BJP chief by calling him ‘Bhramit Shah’ and saying that as far as he is concerned Telangana is the ‘Badshah?’

People of Telangana have watched Amit Shah making claims about central assistance to Telangana. He also blamed Telangana Government for not doing enough to utilise the central fund thus depriving the people of Telangana the benefit of assistance given by Modi Government. There has been a feeling already among the people of Telangana that KCR is submissive to the NDA Government for some unknown reasons. The chief minister has been very severe in his criticism of the Congress but sparing in the case of TDP and apologetic as far as the BJP is concerned. There were also rumours that the NDA Government has got a dossier prepared on a case of a scam purportedly occurred when KCR was union labour minister. It was believed to be based on a decision KCR took as a minister favouring a Coimbatore company. The Enforcement Directorate is reportedly acting on the allegations. This was supposed to be  the reason for KCR to be subdued when it comes to reacting to Shah’s criticism during his earlier visit when he made a similar comment about central funds. At that time KCR chose to ignore Shah’s criticism.

KCR had to react and react firmly in order to put an end to the rumours regarding the ED case and also to clear the public perception about his being unduly soft on the BJP. Keeping quiet even after Amit Shah’s insinuations would have been most harmful to the image of KCR and Telangana Government. It is also against the temperament of the leader who led Telangana statehood movement by force of his bold moves and unparalleled gift of the gab. So, he decided to strike.

When an angry KCR speaks there would be no mincing of words they come as straight arrows and hit the target powerfully leaving it bleeding.

KCR came prepared for the media conference to rebut Shah’s charges point by point. He reminded the national president of the ruling party that the BJP could not win a single seat in GHMC polls in the five Assembly segments held by the party. He also said the BJP will not win a single Assembly or Lok Sabha seat in 2019.

The chief minister said Telangana State has given ₹50,013 crore to the Centre by way of various taxes in 2016-17 and the Centre in turn gave ₹24,561 crore in the same year. He said the Centre is not doing any ‘meherbaani’ to Telangana as it has given funds only according to the principle of devolution and not a rupee more. Only six or seven states in the country contribute to the Centre more than they take and Telangana is one of them, he pointed out. Reeling out the figures, KCR  said the Centre has so far given ₹ 67,390 crore since formation of TS. It included ₹37,773 crore as part of devolution which is natural in a federal country. ₹ 18,574 crores were given towards centrally sponsored funds and ₹2,055 crore towards the expenditure on national highways.

KCR reminded Amit Shah that his reckless public speeches had cost the BJP heavily in the election to Delhi Assembly. He said TRS is yet to decide whom to support in the presidential elections. He complained that Amit Shah has uttered blatant lies.

BJP sources said the explosive media conference of KCR was keenly watched by Amit Shah at Harris Plaza which is very close to the chief minister’s residence. TBJP president Dr Laxman and National General Secretary of the party Muralidhar Rao were with him. KCR also chose to speak in English and Hindi so that the BJP president can understand.

Later in the evening, Amit Shah has reacted to KCR’s barbs when the former spoke at the BJP booth level workers meeting at Crystal Garden in the city. The BJP president reiterated all his charges and claims with greater force. The BJP leaders felt that Amit Shah and the BJP have got more mileage because of CM’s media conference. As a result of Amit Shah’s latest visit the bonhomie between the BJP and the TRS has ended. That was perhaps what the BJP wanted.

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Congress Lodges Complaint Against Amit Shah

Ahead of BJP chief Amit Shah’s one day visit to the State, the Congress leaders have lodged a complaint against him in the police station for betraying people on Special Category Status. The Congress leaders also held a protest march asking Shah to go back.

Amaravati: One day ahead of the scheduled visit of BJP national president Amit Shah, the Congress leaders have lodged a complaint with the local police and held a protest march asking him to go back.

The Congress leaders led by AP Mahila Congress president Sunkara Padmasri, senior leaders Meesala Rajeswara Rao, Akula Srinivasa Kumar, V Gurunadham have lodged a complaint with the Governorpet police station. The Congress leaders said that the BJP had betrayed the people of the State by going back on their promise to provide 10 years special category status for the State at the time of elections. They said that the BJP leaders had no right to step into the State until they fulfilled the promise.

The Congress leaders also alleged that Amit Shah had insulted the Dalits of the neighbouring Telangana State by having lunch with them that was cooked outside the Dalit village. The Congress leaders said that the BJP leader had promised to dine with the Dalits but had brought food cooked by non-Dalits which was a clear insult to the Dalits.

The Congress leaders demanded that Amit Shah be arrested for cheating the people of Andhra Pradesh and insulting the Dalits of Telangana State.

Meanwhile, the Congress leaders led by former MLA and city Congress president Malladi Vishnu held a protest march asking the BJP chief to go back. They blamed the BJP leaders for not fulfilling even a single promise that was made at the time of 2014 elections. The Congress leaders asked the BJP to stop betraying people.

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Infighting In TBJP Exposed During Shah’s Visit

Kishan Reddy, who was active when the party was not in power, has suddenly become dull when the party is racing ahead with electoral victories. This attitude has become a topic of hot discussion among the BJP cadre.

Hyderabad:  Infighting in Bharatiya Janata Party State unit came to the fore during the visit of Party national president Amit Shah. Earlier there were only allegations or speculations about the disciplined party.

The absence of former BJP State president and legislature party leader Kishan Reddy during the first day of Shah’s tour spoke volumes about what is happening in the Party. While State president Lakshman and national secretary Muralidhar Rao accompanied Shah, Kishan Reddy was nowhere around. This has led to a debate about what is going on in the State unit. Already there are allegations that Lakshman and Kishan Reddy are maintaining separate groups.

There are also rumours as Lakshman is objecting to any programme taken up by Kishan Reddy; he is maintaining a distance from party programmes. That is the reason why Kishan Reddy was unenthusiastic during Amit Shah’s tour.

In fact, Kishan Reddy went to Teretpalli before Shah visited the place and spoke to party cadre. But when Shah finally arrived, Lakshman and Muralidhar Rao only accompanied him. They are the ones who are supervising Shah’s programmes. Reddy was not on the dais during meeting with cadre, he was absent from the Dalitwada programme.

With this, it has become clear that Telangana BJP is suffering from internal squabbles. In this context, there were speculations that Shah had spoken to Kishan Reddy and asked him to be active taking everyone along. Kishan Reddy refused to share the dais with Lakshman during a meeting with party cadre. Party sources said that Amit Shah asked why Kishan did not come on to the dais, though invited and strongly condemned his behaviour.

Amit Shah also told him that leaders should work with unity to achieve results.

Meanwhile, Kishan Reddy is not active these days. He was active when the party was not in power, but has suddenly become dull when the party is racing ahead with electoral victories across the country. This attitude is puzzling one and all.

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Will BJP’s Strategy Work In Telangana?

The speculations are that Amit Shah is looking at implementing Uttar Pradesh formula in Telangana too. It means attracting more of BC leaders in the State, at a time when KCR is determined to implement SC/ST sub plan and enhanced quota for minorities.

Hyderabad: A master strategist and BJP national president Amit Shah is determined to strengthen the party in the South Indian States. As part of this mission, he is touring in Telangana. It is true that the BJP has some roots though weak in Telangana than in Andhra Pradesh. Even the RSS is much stronger in the State. The BJP wants to consolidate its position.

Now, Telangana doesn’t even have a solid opposition party in the Assembly.  Congress is ailing with a lack of proper leadership, and Telugu Desam Party has virtually disintegrated, with strong leaders crossing the floor and becoming ministers. The only dynamic leader found in Telugu Desam Party is Revanth Reddy. With such a situation, TDP is also not in a position to put up a strong fight in the coming elections.

Against this background, Amit Shah arrived in the State in a bid to fill this political vacuum. The BJP president started his tour in Nalgonda district. He visited several villages and is interacting with the aam janata there. He is inquiring them about the problems they are facing and also talking about the central schemes meant for them. He is asking them if the schemes are reaching them.

Taking a dig at Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) he said it is not possible to achieve ‘Bangaru Telangana’ by adopting the family rule. On the first of his tour, he mentioned three vital issues.

Apart from this, speculations are that Amit Shah is looking at implementing Uttar Pradesh formula in Telangana too. They are looking at attracting more of BC leaders in the State, at a time when KCR is determined to implement SC/ST sub plan and enhanced quota for minorities.

BJP wants to exploit the dissatisfaction among the BC leaders. As part of the strategy, they had already contacted BC leader and Telugu Desam legislator R. Krishnaiah, who has been working for the backward castes for decades. Such a leader will help BJP to understand the caste configuration in districts and also identify the reasons for their dissatisfaction. Not only that Krishnaiah was a popular leader in the united AP. He has contacts all over the State. Now if Krishnaiah joins the Party, the party can benefit from his experience and contacts in both Telugu States.

In Uttar Pradesh, BJP united all the Backward Caste leaders other than Yadavs and gave them tickets. As there was huge resentment against Yadavs in the State, they got easily elected.

The BJP wants to use the same formula here and in Andhra Pradesh too. It’s true that dominant castes are in power in the Telugu States since the formation, now they want to change it.

They are in touch with Jana Sena chief Pawan kalyan , who is a kapu. There is a lot of dissatisfaction amongst these caste leaders against the existing political parties. BJP might try to encash it too.

On the whole, one has to wait and see if the Uttar Pradesh formula will have any relevance in the Telugu States.

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Congress Plans Protest Against Amit Shah’s Visit

As BJP ranks are gearing up for Amit Shah visit on May 25, the AP Congress had given a call to its ranks to hold protest demonstrations on the day on the plea that the BJP failed to fulfil the promise of Special Category Status and other facilities for AP.

Amaravati: The Andhra Pradesh Congress is getting ready to hold protest marches during the visit of BJP national president Amit Shah to the State on May 25. Even as the BJP leadership is sprucing up the State for the mega event, the Congress leaders are planning to hold protest rallies with black flags across the State.

The APCC president N Raghuveera Reddy had appealed to the rank and file of the party to hold protests across the State when Amit Shah arrives in the State. He blamed the BJP leadership for going back on the Special Category Status to the State, a promise that was made during the elections. He also critciised the BJP leadership on railway zone for the State, backward districts fund for Rayalaseema and north Andhra and all other promises made to the State at the time of bifurcation.

Raghuveera recalled that the BJP-TDP combine have promised 15 years of special category status and alleged that the two parties have betrayed the people by going back on it. He wanted the Congress workers to question Amit Shah on the betrayal and expose the BJP. He said that the Congress is the only party that had been fighting for the bifurcation promises right from the beginning. He alleged that the BJP had gone back while the TDP and the YSR Congress parties have compromised with the BJP.

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Amit Shah Expresses Hope Of Capturing Power In Telangana

BJP Amit Shah started his Telangana visit on Monday. He expressed the hope that the BJP would capture power in Telangana soon.

Teratpalli: BJP national president Amit Shah expressed hope that the BJP will come to power in Telangana soon. As part of his three-day visit to Telangana, he visited Teratpalli village in Chundur mandal of Nalgonda district.  He hoisted BJP flag. He enquired about the implementation of Central government schemes visiting each house.  He also unveiled the statue of Mysaiah who was killed by Maoist. Later, he met booth level members.

Speaking on this occasion, Amit Shah said that Modi government at Centre is striving for the welfare and uplift of poor and oppressed classes. He said that he is touring the States to strengthen the party. He also revealed that it came to his notice, that the schemes sanctioned by Centre are not being implemented. He started his three-day tour in Telangana.

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BJP will grow in all States

  • Not at the cost of TDP in AP, Amit Shah clarifies
  • TDP not coming in the way of Kiran joining BJP
  • Centre to fulfill all assurances given in Bifurcation Act

Vijayawada, January 10: BJP national president Amit Shah here on Friday cautiously declared that his party would admit all those who are willing to join the saffron party for development of the nation. He also hastened to add that their efforts to strengthen BJP in Andhra Pradesh does not mean they would weaken the ruling Telugu Desam Party (TDP).

Speaking to mediapersons here, Amit said his party and the TDP were working together for development of the country. They would welcome all those who like their ideology and policies and their goal was to expand and strengthen his party in all the States, he added.

Apparently, trying to mollify the TDP while declaring that the BJP would be strengthened in all States, Amit said the people in Andhra Pradesh supported the TDP-BJP combine in the last elections and the regional party backed the BJP at the Centre. “This relationship between the BJP and TDP would continue in future also”, he clarified. Making it clear that the BJP government at the Centre would fulfill all its assurances as enshrined in the AP Reorganisation Act, the BJP chief said an exercise was going on to give special status to AP.

Condemning rumors that the TDP was sabotaging entry of former chief minister Kiran Kumar Reddy into the BJP, Amit Shah asked how the TDP can influence the BJP decision on the issue? “Anyone who is willing to join our party can do so. There is no iota of truth in the reports that the TDP was preventing entry of Kiran Kumar Reddy into the saffron party”, he added.

It may be mentioned here that Shah, who has been focused on expanding the party in south and eastern states of the country, set a target of enrolling 45 lakh members in Andhra Pradesh. “I have the right to make my party grow. It does not mean that we will work against Telugu Desam. We want to expand BJP with a positive outlook,” he said.

“In the system of multi-party democracy, BJP moves forward on the basis of its ideology. We will go to people of Andhra and tell them about our ideology and leadership. Whoever wants to join BJP is welcome,” he said. On the Clean Ganga mission, the BJP chief said that it would be extended to other rivers in the country as well, which will ultimately ensure supply of clean water for both irrigation and drinking purposes.

Union Parliamentary Affairs Minister M Venkaiah Naidu, Union Commerce Minister (independent charge) Nirmala Sitharaman, BJP MP and party’s Andhra Pradesh unit president K Haribabu and others were also present. (NSS)

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