KCR Preparing For Early Polls: BJP

Hyderabad: IS KCR planning to go for mid-term elections? Yes, says the opposition BJP.

BJP Spokesperson Krishna Sagar Rao said that TRS party will go for a pre-term poll instead of 2019. TRS government did not address a single issue of the manifesto including farmera��s loan waiver. State financial status is in a very bad condition and difficult to fix. Telangana has 1.5 lakh crore in public debt and regulations dona��t allow him to borrow externally for raising funds. This is the main context for pre-poll strategy, Krishna Sagar Rao felt.

He flayed KCR for doing caste -based politics by giving sops. He also criticized CM for bringing 12% reservations into frame after 3 years of formation of Government. KCR is playing mathematical equations to appease all communities. Why should he wait two and half years to fulfill his vow to Gods and Goddesses, Krishna Sagar asked. He felt that KCR may go for poll around mid 2018 so that the opposition will be unprepared at that time.

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