KCR: One And Only CM In India To Work From Home For Months

Here is a chief minister who works from home for months together without being questioned by any constitutional authority.
KCR: One And Only CM In India To Work From Home For Months

Hyderabad: Indian Republic has, in its seven decades of history, one and only cm who works from home for months. It is the first chief minister of the newest State of Telangana, Kalvakuntla Chandrasekhara Rao (KCR).

Chief minister’s of Indian States have unlimited privileges and freedom to select their mode of work, build their own residences and have a standby helicopter, like Andhra Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu does. The prime minister and home minister would not question the CMs. KCR, a staunch believer in Vastu has his own fears about his office at the State Secretariat which he seldom visits. Even before the expensive and luxurious Pragati Bhavan (PB) was built, he was seeing files mostly at his residence near the Camp Office.

After PB was inaugurated, KCR reduced his tours in Telangana to the bare minimum. He organised the visits of the persons whom he wants to interacts with to PB. Even if campaigns have to be launched by the CM, the protagonists have to go to PB and get their programmes inaugurated.

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KCR has a leisurely style of functioning unlike his AP counterpart, Naidu, who hurries from one programme to another and keeps himself busy throughout the day. KCR does not dissipate his time and energy. He knows where the bread is buttered. The topography and demography of Telangana State are known to him as back of his hand. He takes his own time to ponder and plan. He stays at his farmhouse for days together without attending to the routine administrative work. He can bank on his efficient son KTR or nephew Harish Rao to care of the day-to-day administration. If he thinks he would get political mileage by appealing to a vote bank such as Yadav and Kurmi communities, he would spend any amount of money and time to make the communities extremely happy in that particular day.

If he thinks there would be abundant goodwill to be gained by organising State funeral for a reputed poet like Gnyanapeeth awardee Dr C Narayana Reddy, he would be physically present at the funeral till the end and satisfies the innumerable fans of the celebrated poet. If he calculates that there is no political advantage in paying floral tributes to a famous film director like Dasari Narayana Rao, KCR would not care to visit the deceased. His PRO would release a formal condolence message and be done. Narayana Reddy is from Karimnagar district (now Siricilla) in Telangana and he had a legion of followers. Dasari is from West Godavari district in Coastal Andhra and he does not mean much electorally in Telangana although he is more popular than the poet.

KCR is very calculative in choosing his friends and enemies. He fixed Professor Kodandaram as his main adversary at the very outset since he knows he is the second most popular person in Telangana after him. Barring the professor, KCR had rewarded almost every person who contributed to the statehood movement. He went out of the way to cultivate the prime minister with a plan to make his daughter Kavitha a central minister and be a partner in the NDA a la TDP. But when his overtures have not been responded to, he decided to be an adversary of the BJP.

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When BJP’s national president Amit Shah dared to criticise KCR during his Nalgonda sojourn and declared that BJP will come to power in Telangana after 2019 elections, KCR gave Shaw a savage and fitting reply, a moh tod jawab. His reaction was furious unlike the studied silence maintained by Naidu when Shaw spoke in the same vein against the TDP at Vijayawada during the same tour. Then, KCR started aggressively courting the Muslim community what with increase in the percentage of reservations. At the same time, he cannot antagonise Prime Minister Narendra Modi who can make use of CBI, Income Tax Department and Enforcement Directorate since the chief minister reportedly has his own warts to hide.

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The chief minister who calls all the shots in his State is now in Delhi for a week. He can efforts that luxury since he need not read files and his oral instructions over phone are obeyed without question.

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