• Pensioners are a worried lot
  • Arbitrary decisions boomerang
  • Suicides by farmers continue unabated
  • Centre makes only right noises, does not really care

(M Ramadas)

Hyderabad, December 16: From a number of flanks, K.Chandrasekhar Rao, Chief Minister of Telangana, appears to be facing the a�?slings and arrows of outrageous fortunea��.

He is feeling the heat not only from detractors and adversaries but also from his own missteps.
Take for instance the ambitious pension scheme launched by his government. It has become more and more apparent that the list of beneficiaries has been arbitrarily drawn up.

How can one otherwise account for thousands of pensioners already enjoying a pension having been left out in the cold?

What was the rationale behind this arbitrariness? What were the actual norms followed? The confusion has resulted in heartburn and a number of suicides. All this has raised the hackles of the man in the street.

The Metro Rail imbroglio continues. The realignment alternatives, as proposed by the affected traders, are at variance with what the CM and MIM plan. The Opposition is also none too happy that there wasA�an effort to sideline it.

This nth hour tinkering and bickering will surely push up the envisaged costs and further postpone the date the Rail network goes on stream. Will the hapless taxpayer be squeezed to fill the yawning financial gap? When will the Metro we have all dreamt of see daylight?

The relations between the two Telugu CMs continues to be frosty. There is constant one-upmanship. When they do meet across the table, regarding water and power for instance, there are recriminations and finger -pointing. Neither wants to give in or bend.

The Centre of course does not really care but makes the right noises. With so much at stake and so much in common, can the two leaders afford to ignore each other statesa�� interests.
Then there is the Damocles sword hanging over Chandrasekhar Rao: When will the suicides cease and the grieving families recompensed? The CM has to take the lead in solving this intractable problem.

The architect of this new state has to regain lost ground. One had to be careful notA�to recklessly announce schemes and lift peoplea��s hopes. With empty coffers, precious little can be attempted. For reasons best known to him, KCR has now launched a major publicity drive through the pedestrian wall slogan channel. All over the twin cities (as far as this writer is informed), walls have been emblazoned with slogans proclaiming the CMa��s leadership ofA�a�?Golden Telanganaa��. It is definitely a vision to look forward to.

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