KCR: Farce Survey Of Ministers, MLAs!

Krishna Sagar Rao

Krishna Sagar Rao

Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao (KCR) is clearly paranoid of growing and visible angst in the masses against his government, slowly but steadily. The sudden survey out of nowhere and ita��s results he has declared highlight this fact.

In regular practice, political parties which are in government might employ a professional agency to assess their MLAa��s performance. Governments too can indulge in professional surveys to assess performance of their ministers. However, this is probably the first survey in the world where, even opposition party MLAa��s performance is also assessed by a government, without having to charge a fee to their respective parties.A�Ita��s quite amusing!

KCRa��s a�?secret surveya�� as no one literally knows when it was conducted, which agency undertook it, whata��s the basis, whata��s the method, surely looks as much imaginary as ita��s selectively concocted outcomes. Looks quite likely that ita��s a dining table survey from the newly built Palace, a�?Pragati Bhavan.a��

The fun and sad part is the attempt made by KCR in buying some legitimacy to this farce survey by downgrading his own son and an otherwise performing minister like KTR. Thata��s the degree of KCRa��s no holds barred political exercise.

Therea��s also very selective and convenient upgrading of BJP MLA Kishan Reddy, Congress MLA A�Jana Reddy and downgrading Congress MLA Uttam Kumar Reddy and BJP MLA Dr Laxman. It is a juvenile mind game to play one against the other in their own respective parties. Not to mention the pitiful situation of many TRS MLAa��s and ministera��s ratings for being in the wrong books of the CM.

If it could be a secret survey, for secret assessment of strength and weaknesses of hisA�own party MLAs andA� other parties, it beats anyonea��s common sense as to why would oneA�make survey outcomes of this kind of a secret exercise public, if it actually served some real purpose?

However, the entire episode is a joke and a petty political tool of self promotion and reassurance for KCR.

The parting shot is more hilarious.

KCR in this historic epic survey has given himself 100 out of 100 marks and also declared himself as No.1 in everything. No wonder he can do that, as he is the sole script writer, producer, director,A�exhibitor, promoter and even the audience.

(The author is a BJP Spokesperson / Organizational Strategist and An Author)

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