KCR exhorts party men to serve the people

  • Mingle with people
  • Strive to win peoplea��s hearts

HYDERABAD: Averring that a�?Politicsa�? was not his cup of tea as he was into cultural line, Chief Minister Chandrasekhar Rao today said he strayed into it unexcitingly.

Speaking at the last day of reorientation session at Vijay Vihar in Nagarjuna Sagar, Rao said in thirst of knowledge, he had read over 70,000 to 80,000 books of myriad varieties and after becoming chief minister, he had visited a large number of temples.

a�?I used to carry a big bag of books and small bag of clothes as and when I took up toura�?, he said. Exhorting the leaders to stay away from corruption and strive to win hearts of the people, he said the partya��s ultimate aim should be to serve society.

a�?We did not come here to live for 1,000 years and joining politics is not just for money, which can be done so by selling even cow dunga�?, Rao remarked. He asked the party leaders to mingle with people and help address their grievances and ensure that a bit of farmland should not go dry for lack of power supply.

a�?The politicians should learn to update and live up to peoplesa�� expectations by serving them the besta�?, he said. He alleged that the previous governments did not think of giving any awards in the name of Dasharathi, a noted Telangana poet.

During its inception, TRS heard comments against the statehood, as there were doubts and fears among some leaders, Rao said. a�?Though, our mission accomplished with Telangana gaining statehood, we should now focus in implementing welfare schemes and serve the poora�?.

Stating that the reorientation sessions helped a lot to share experiences, he said he would conduct the same once every six months to update and perform better. Rao noted that the party men would remain in history as the first generation leaders after achieving the statehood of Telangana.A�(NSS)

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