KCR directs officials to spend more funds on SC, ST welfare

Hyderabad:A�Chief MinisterA�K Chandrasekhar Rao has instructed the officials concerned to spend more funds over and above those allocated, based on the population figures of SCs and STs. Since the State government has declared a war on poverty, it has given top priority to the welfare schemes.

KCR said the officers concerned should concentrate more onA�the SCs and STs who are economically backward. It is not enough to spend more funds other than allocated to these sections,A�but implementation should be so transparent that the SC and ST sections should have confidence that the government is standing by them. Unless they were informed about the funds allocated and how they were spent, these sections would get a feeling that the government was neglecting them, the CM said.

The Chief Minister held a review meeting on SC/STs Sub Plan, Welfare and Development at Pragathi Bhavan here on Monday. Deputy CM

Kadiam Srihari, SC Development Minister Jagadeeshwar Reddy, MP Balka Suman, Chief SecretaryA� SP Singh, senior officialsA� S Narsing Rao,A� Somesh Kumar,A� Ramakrishna Rao,A� Sandeep Sultania, Karunakar,A� Praveen Kumar,A� Bhoopal Reddy and others participated.

A�The Chief Minister said: a�?The SC and ST Sub Plan is brought in to allocate and spend funds based on the population figures of these communities. a�?Our government has commitment and dedication to implement the Sub Plan in a more effective way. Officials should review the implementation of the Sub Plan on a monthly basis. Ministers should conduct the meetings every three months. I will review it once in six months. The Telangana Government is spending more funds than those allocated under the Sub Plan and this trend will continue. SC and STs are in the lower strata of the society and they should be given all help. Our government has started Residential Schools for the SCs and STs in big way without bothering about the amount of money being spent. By imparting quality and high standard education that the future of the SCs and STs younger generation will change for the better, he said and referred toA�overseas scholarships, economic support schemes for these sections,A�distribution of land to Dalits and implementation of the Kalyanalaxmi schemes. The situation in the hostels should change. We need better facilities, toilets and rooms. There should be an increase in the mess bills and cosmetic charges paid to the studentsa�?.

Overseas scholarships should be given to everyone, there is no need to have any limit,a�? he said.

a�?SCs and STs have land assigned in the past. Some of them have their own land and the government is distributing 3 acres of land to each family. All these lands should be brought into cultivation and they need support. If the land is brought under cultivation, it becomes a major source of income,a�? the CM observed.A�A�-NSS

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