KCR cannot wipe out TDP in Telangana: Errabelli

WARANGAL: T-TDP Floor leader, Errabelli Dayakar Rao, questioned Telangana Chief Minister Chandrashekar Rao, who had criticized the then Chief Minister Dr.Rajashekar Reddy for making TRS MLAs join the Congress Party, as to what he was doing now.

Speaking to the media here on Wednesday, Errabelli alleged that Rao influenced TTDP MLAs and pulled them into TRS. Rao was deceiving the Telangana people with his magical words and became the chief minister of the state with those words, he alleged and suggested Rao to mend his ways now.

Rao cannot do anything to TDP, he said, and reminded that the former prime ministers, such as Indira Gandhi, Narasimha Rao and Chief Ministers, such as Rajashekar Reddy, who had tried to wipe out TDP , have disappeared. He made it clear that it was not possible for Rao to demolish TDP.

Stating that Rao got political birth and growth in TDP, Errabelli alleged that the same Rao was now taking TDP leaders and MLAs into his party. He said that the party was feeling bad similar to parents when others stole their grown-up sons.

The party is feeling bad about Thalasani Srinivas Yadav and Thummala Nageshwara Rao, who were grown up in TDP, shifting their loyalties to TRS, he said.

Errabelli alleged that Rao inducted Thalasani Srinivas Yadav into his Cabinet without making him to tender his resignation. TDP made Thummala as MLA and minister, but Rao now took him away and made him minister, he said and questioned Rao as to why he failed to remember when he made Talasani as minister.

The TDP Floor leader alleged that Rao was hatching conspiracies using the ACB, and made it clear that it was not possible for Rao to stop Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu.

He said that TDP has a right on every district in Telangana State, and the party would not be afraid of illegal cases. (NSS)

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