KCR calls for broad-range plan for development of SCs and STs

Hyderabad: Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has bemoaned that despite introducing several welfare schemes and plans for SCs and STs since Independence, these communities are still living in abysmal poverty and the government has a bounden responsibility to work for their uplift.

Speaking during a luncheon meeting with the SC/ST MPs, MLAs and MLCs at Pragathi Bhavan here on Friday, he stressed the need to prepare a comprehensive plan for the welfare of the SCs and STs. He called upon all leaders to strive for this end, cutting across political differences. “Everyone should help in implementing the same in letter and spirit. The Telangana State, which was achieved after a prolonged struggle, was moving in the right direction and has registered highest development rate in the country. This growth result should be used to eradicate poverty in the State and this should be our goal,” he added.

The Chief Minister said he was committed to effect cent per cent qualitative change in the living standards of SCs and STs. Getting SC/ST Sub-Plan is a good augury. “We are committed to the cause of uplift of SCs and STs. Let us bring in development in these communities by working with dedication; then only as people’s representatives and officials, we will derive satisfaction. We have to think about the plans for these communities living in urban, semi-urban and rural areas. The living standards of these sections in these three areas were different. Hence, there was a need to plan for each of this category separately,” the CM said, adding “Strategies should be formed for the 10-25, 25-50 and 50-75 years age groups. By imparting a quality education to the future generations, there would be a better life. For this purpose we are starting residential schools.

“We are implementing the scheme of three acres to each Dalit family with good thought and intentions. This is a continuous process. We thought that at least three acres per family will make them stable financially. Besides providing the land, we are ensuring power supply, water and other facilities. Similarly, the land given in past should also become cultivable. Consolidation of lands should be done forthwith. Since water for irrigation will be abundant following the completion of irrigation projects and Mission Kakatiya, agriculture would be better and viable,” the Chief Minister said. – NSS

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