KCR-Baiters Want to Destabilize Government: KCR Forum

HYDERABAD: The Forum to Support KCR lashed out at anti-TRS forces for their ill-conceived attempts in sowing seeds of discontent in the minds of the people against the progressive policies and developmental activities pursued by Telangana State Chief Minister Chandrasekhar Rao.

Chairman of the Forum, Konda Lakshma Reddy, and General Secretary, Mohammed Raheemulla Khan Niyazi, in a statement today referring to media reports and speculations in various circles, said that they were aghastA�about KCR-baiters joining hands to create hurdles for Raoa��s government in its endeavour to usher in a�?Bangaru Telanganaa�? by launching various welfare measures, such as Mission Kakatiya and Water Grid, besides, persuadingA�IT and MNCs to establish their firms in the state.

Unfortunately, instead of appreciating the efforts of Rao to turn Telangana into a model state for the country, his political detractors of Congress, TDP, BJP and even Left parties were conspiring to launch an anti-government movement, they said.

What was more shocking to the Forum leaders was that these anti-TRS forces were trying to rope in Prof. Kodandaram, who had worked hand-in-hand with Rao during the separate Telangana movement and helped make the cherished dreams of the people for a separate state come true.

a�?This only amply speaks of the desperate and sinister attempts of the KCR-baiters to misuse the name of Kodandaram in their diabolical game to destabilize the government, they charged.

Both Lakshma Reddy and Niyazi made a fervent appeal to Kodandaram not to be misled and misguided by these anti-people forces that are hell-bent to create unrest in the state.

The forum also called upon those spreading a canard against Rao and indulging in malicious propaganda against the government to desist from such ill-conceived moves, and instead cooperate and allow the present regime to transform the state into a golden Telangana. (NSS)

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