Kavitha calls CAs new a�?rock starsa��

Hyderabad:A�Inaugurating a�?Gnanarjanaa�?–an international conference for Chartered Accountant students here, TRS Parliament Member Kavitha on Saturday exhorted them to come together to build a corruption free India.

In the wake of demonetization, the Chartered Accountants are more burdened with work pressure, Kavitha said. She urged them to encourage women to become CAs. She termed the CAs as rock stars of the nation as it is under cash ban pressure. a�?I believe after demonetization, the CAs are new rock starsa�?, she said amid applause by the students. She asked the future CAs to have more responsibility towards the nation and society to ensure that taxes are paid on time and root out corruption.A�

Though the parents used to encourage their children pursue engineering and medicine courses, now it is the time to push for CA course, the MP noted. a�?In the last two-and-a-half years, we have seen so many changes across the country and we need to go with time adopting changesa�?, Kavitha said. Scrapping of high value notes across the nation has resulted in changes to push ahead for cashless transactions, she said. -NSS

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