Kavita: Statues On Tank Bund To Be Replaced With Telangana Stalwarts

It appears Telangana government is slowly moving towards removing most of the statues

Hyderabad: It appears Telangana government is slowly moving towards removing most of the statues of Telugu luminaries and replacing with the statues of leading lights of Telangana. Kavitha, MP of Nizamabad and daughter of the Chief minister KCR, who launched an exhibition of great masters of Telangana today at Ravindra Bharathi has indicated that there will be new statues soon. a�?Great injustice has been done to Telangana history and culture during successive regimes of Andhra rulers. There was criminal neglect by them with regard to respecting the sons of our soil. Efforts are on to place the rich history of Telangana in the form of statues on Tank Bund. It is our endeavour to pass on the rich cultural heritage and great deeds of eminent personalitiesa�? Kavita exhorted.

During the campaign for separate state, activists have destroyed several statues- mostly of those who hailed from Seemandhra region. Even statues ofA� Annamacharya, 14th century singer-composer, was also desecrated and thrown into Hussain Sagar. Telangana leaders have been demanding removal of A�what they call as a�?seemandhra statuesa�� and the Chief Minister KCR too agreed for it. Statues of Salivahana, Gurajada Appa Rao, Bellary Raghava, Sri Sri, Kattamanchi Ramalinga Reddy, Pingali venkaiah, Alluri Sitarama Raju, Tripuraneni Ramaswamy Chowdhury, Molla, Thyagayya, Annamayya, Mutnoori Krishna Rao, Kshetrayya, Veera Brahmendra Swamy, Brahma Naidu may be removed. Even the statues of Sir Arthur Cotton and Gurram Joshua may also face the axe.

Guiding lights from Telangana including Kaloji, Chakali Ilamma, PV Narasimha Rao, Kanta Rao, Dasarathi, Paidi Jairaj, Kottapalli Jayashankar, Konda Laxman Bapuji, Ravi Narayana Reddy may be honoured by erecting their statues, it is said.

There was also a proposal to make Tank Bund statue-free. Government intended to convert it with big lawns and smaller parks so that people may relax during holidays.

Meanwhile, AP government has earlier expressed willingness to take all the statues and re-erect them at the Prakasham Barrage or Amaravati.A�

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