Kathi Padma Rao blames AP govt on budget allocations for SCs, STs


Amaravati: Dalit leader and founder president of Navyandhra Party Kathi Padma Rao criticised the AP government for its meagre allocations for the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes in the 2017-18 budget.

Stating that the Rs 1,56,999 crore budget is a huge projection in the reorganised State, he regretted that the funds allocated for the SC and ST sub-plans was not made on the basis of their population. He took strong exception to the allocation of Rs 9,847 crore for the SCs and Rs 3,528 crore for the STs in the budget. He said that the SCs and the STs together account for 22.71 per cent population in the country that would mean the government should have allocated Rs 35,654 crore in the total budget. The SCs alone would have received Rs 27,317 crore from the budget while the government allocated just Rs 9,847 crore, he said. Even this amount is not being spent fully over the years, he alleged.

Padma Rao said that in 2014-15 government had allocated Rs 4,576 crore for the SCs of which Rs 4,059 crore were spent. Similarly, in 2015-16 budget Rs 3,368 crore were spent out of the total Rs 5,877 crore budgetary allocation, he said. In 2016-17, Rs 8,724 crore were allocated of which Rs 5,287 crore were spent. Similarly, the budget allocation for the STs too was meagre while the funds were not spent fully.

The Dalit leader blamed the government for its failure in land distribution. The funds allocated for land purchasing in the SC and ST sub-plans were not being used, he alleged. He blamed the government for closing the SC and ST hostels and reducing the budgetary allocations for the mess charges to the SC, ST, BC and Minority students in the State.

Padma Rao asked the legislators belonging to the SC, ST, BC and Minorities to raise the issue and fight for the rights of these sections.

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