Kasipathy’s services to revolutionary politics recalled

  • Who is who of revolutionary ethos felicitate the thinker

  • Speakers appeal to the revolutionaries to unite


MadyaTaragatiManduhaasamHyderabad, October 13: Yadhati Kasipathy, a revolutionary activist, thinker, orator, writer, poet and a journalist has been felicitated by his friends and admires on Sunday here. The function organized at Sundarayya Vignyana Kendram was meant to release a book by him titled, “Madya taragathi Mandu hasam”. The pun in the title was intended. Instead of “madhy” which means middle class, the title says “madya” which means liquor. In place of “mandahasam” meaning smile “manduhasam”, the smile after consumer wine, has been chosen. The title is in lighter vein to inform that the content is on the conversation the writer had with revolutionary poet SriSri while taking drinks. But the book release was merely a pretext. The real purpose was to talk about the services rendered by the ailing thinker to the revolutionary thought and movement. Kasipathy has been suffering with Parkinson decease for more than ten years. He is confined to his home and bed these days.

The ‘who is who’ of the revolutionary politics and literature in Andhra Pradesh were present on the dais and in the audience. Kasipathy and his wife Pushpalata were emotionally charged on seeing so many friends and well wishers. The book was about the literary discussion Kasipathy had with SriSri over a peg or two (or more) of whisky. Though the whisky part in the speeches was just for the sake of humour, the gist of the speeches highlighted the glorious days of the movement and revolutionary literature over the past three to four decades. Renowned writers and poets like Vara Vara Rao, Siva Reddy, Nagnamuni, HRK, Ramachandra Murthy, Mallepalli laxmaiah, Allam Narayana, Juluri Gowri Shankar, writer Vimala and singer Vimala participated in the meeting. Many revolutionaries of yesteryears were also present.

Kasipathy spoke rather incoherently due to his ill-heath. It was difficult to follow him but it was clear that his mental faculty is alert and agile although his speech was affected by the health problems. He spoke about the language and told the audience that SriSri used to complain that the language was getting old and it was the result of the conspiracy by imperialist forces. SriSri advocated that the language should be kept young and sharp, he said. Kasipathy spoke of his active days in revolutionary movement and journalism. He said he and SriSri spent hundreds of hours together boozing and brooding over the developments on revolutionary front and in the areas of language and literature.

varavara raoVara Vara Rao was easily and naturally the best speaker of the evening since he had seen it all. He returned from Karimnagar district just in time for the meeting after attending the funeral of Vijayakumar, the founder of ‘Jeeva Gadda’ an evening daily. He said he felt as though he was walking though the lanes of history these past four or five days. He spoke of his elder brother who was 90 when he died four days ago. His brother participated in ‘Quit India’ movement in 1942 and was arrested in Pune. Then he spoke of the Telananga farmers’ armed struggle and then traced his association with revolutionary movement and literature. He said there is continuity in the thinking process and attitudes of the people in this part of the country in defying dictatorship or suppression of all varieties. Vara Vara said he and Kasipathy had a long association in the activities of Virasam as representatives of the stalwarts in the movement, Kondaplli Sitaramaiah and Chandra Pulla Reddy. While he was treated as presentative of Sitarmaiah, Kasipathy was known as the spokesperson of another revolutionary leader Chandra Pulla Reddy.

Siva Reddy and Nagnamuni recalled their association with Kasipathy. Singer Vimala’s father, a participant in armed struggle of peasants of Telangana, Bandru Narasimlu, 98 year-old, has made a spirited appeal to the revolutionaries in India to unite. Rajendra Prasad, another revolutionary leader who organized the meeting, also made a similar appeal. Gowri Shankar said it is the responsibility of Telangana writers to make Kasipathy book popular by taking it across the state. Goveradhan of CPI-ML party also spoke.

mallepalli laxmaiahLaxmaiah has recalled his student days when he was an ardent admirer of Kasipathy, a great and inspiring orator. He said there have been many great speaker among the revolutionary thinkers in Andhra Pradesh but Kasipathy distinguished himself with the way he explained the obtaining political situation in a different way that left a very strong impact on the minds of the listeners. Laxmaiah said Kasipathy used to argue that the Constitution has no use for Indian people and it does not deliver anything it promises in its preamble like sovereignty, socialist, republican and democratic nature of the country. He used to prove how the country is neither sovereign nor democratic nor republic and socialist in reality. He must have inspired hundreds of youths to take to arms in the path of revolution, he said.

Ramachandra Murthy recalled the days when he was editor and Kasipathy was chief of bureau with Vartha daily newspaper in late 1990s. He said Kasipathy made Pulla Reddy write poetry and he has a treasure at his house in the shape of unpublished scripts which are invaluable. Aruna, a senior journalist, has promised to look into the material Kasipathy had saved to dish out valuable literature, he said.

Allam Narayana recalled his revolutionary days and the contribution made by revolutionary thinkers like Kasipathy.

Kasipathy had to leave the venue a little before the meeting ended due to health problems.

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