Kashmir Separatists Want One Dead Body A Day: Ram Madhav

Ram Madhav, BJP General Secretary, points man on J&K affairs, said that the separatists in the Valley are playing sentimental politics with dead bodies of the people.

New Delhi: ” Separatists have only one motto-one dead body a day so that they can play their sentimental politics over the dead bodies. They use the people of the Valley as guinea pigs in their reprehensible politics of violence and separatism,” commented BJP General Secretary Ram Madhav who has been dealing with Jammu & Kashmir.

Ram Madhav’s remarks posted on his Face book are at tandem with the statement of the Union government that was submitted in the Supreme Court earlier. The centre made it clear to the apex court that it is not prepared to hold talks with separatists or terrorists. It is prepared to talk to the established political parties in the Valley. Ram Madhav paid compliments to the security forces for handling a difficult job admirably. The Government and the security forces are doing their best to defeat the nefarious intentions of the separatists.

Ram Madhav defended the use of pellet guns. He said the security forces use pellet guns on rare occasions as they are deemed less lethal than the real guns. Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti may be interested in talks with anyone, but ‘we are not interested in talks with the separatists,’ asserted Ram Madhav. BJP president Amit Shah expressed similar views on Saturday in his Jammu & Kashmir sojourn

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