Karunanidhi To Turn 94 On Saturday

The grand old man of Indian politics M Karunanidhi, who turns 95 on Saturday, will celebrate his birthday on a big scale amidst top opposition leaders of the country.

Chennai: Tamil Nadu former Chief Minister, DMK Supremo Karunanidhi will be recognised as the octogenarian political leader. He will turn 95 on June 3 and is considered as the eldest of all the prominent political leaders in the country. A grand birthday celebration has been planned for Saturday for which several top leaders from opposition parties are expected to fly down to Chennai.

As none of the chief ministers, Union ministers, Governors, Prime Ministers or Presidents of the major parties is of that age, he is recognised as the eldest in the contemporary politics.

Karunanadhi was one of the main pillars of Tamil Nadu politics since 1969. He has been the president of DMK for the past 48 years. Political sources are saying that it is a world record. A single person did not lead a political party for such a long time.

Karunanidhi is known as a journalist, fiction writer, poet, scriptwriter, actor, producer and educationist. His writings are sharp and catchy; they easily get into the hearts and minds of people. It is also said that during his early days in politics, he used to write the script for speeches of political leaders and when the leaders read them people get excited. Even Telugu leaders who were know for their oratory skills used to copy his phrases.

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