Karnataka accepts SC order on Cauvery

Bengaluru: Amidst violent protests which claimed 2 lives in the state capital, Karnataka reluctantly accepted the Supreme Court’s order to share Cauvery water with Tamil Nadu

“This order is the most difficult to follow. But when we are functioning within the framework of the Constitution…as a constitutionally formed government it is difficult to violate or reject the Supreme Court order.” Karnataka chief minister S Siddaramaiah told at a press conference on Tuesday at the same time he reiterated that injustice has been done to the state over the dispute by the SC order.

The chief minister also said he has sought Prime Minister’s intervention on the issue.

2 people were killed on Tuesday in the violence, which led the government to clamp curfew and issue shoot-at-sight orders in the capital. In retaliation some violent incidents occurred in Tamil Nadu also.

Companies like Flipkart, Amazon and Infosys were understood to have shut business for a day. Some companies asked employees to work from home.

The latest violence occurred after the Supreme Court asked Karnataka to release 12,000 cusecs of water to Tamil Nadu till September 20.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi reacted on the issue, urging restraint in both the states. “Situation that has emerged in Karnataka & Tamil Nadu, as a fallout of issue of distribution of waters of Cauvery River, is distressful (sic),” Modi tweeted. He further added that “This dispute can only be solved within the legal ambit. Breaking the law is not a viable alternative.”

The Centre asked television channels to avoid “telecasting provocative and inflammatory news and programmes” that could further ignite tensions.

Chief minister Siddararamaiah said the state will file a review petition on the order of the Supreme Court which will hear another case on the issue on October 18. He appealed to the people to “maintain peace and tranquility and protect all citizens living here”.

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