Kapus Vow To Oppose TDP in 2019 Elections

Amaravathi: Kapu Reservation PorataA� Samithi decided to go against TDP in 2019 elections. Kapu community angry with the TDP after Government denied permission for padayatra from Ravulapalem to Antarvedi last month. Kapus have decided to go for one day State-wide Satyagraha on Feb 26th which will be observed in all 25 Lok Sabha and 175 Assembly constituencies.

Mudragada Padmanabham will organise Satyagraha in Kurnool on Feb 26th as a part of State wide Satygraha by Kapu community.

Kapu JAC leaders who met in Ramayanapeta in Vijayawada said that Government is trying to suppress agitation by using force but they will fight until Government announces BC status for Kapu community.

They strongly came down against Deputy CM Chinarajappa by saying that he is behaving like CMa��s parrot and commenting against Kapu community. They further added that Government is creating hurdles by imposing 144 section and section 30, but they will fight until their goal is reached.

TDP came into power mainly with the help of Kapu community from East and West Godavari districts during tough fight between ruling party and YSRCP in 2014 elections. With this section getting distanced from the TDP, it may adversely impact the ruling party in 2019 elections. The TDP is already facing anti-incumbency factor in the State.

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