Kapus Set Kakinada As Their Battle Field

The on-going elections to the Kakinada Municipal Corporation have come handy for the Kapus to show their strength to the TDP Government.

Kakinada: The Kapus who have been fighting for the past two years seeking BC reservations have found a new venue to prove their strength and display their anger against the government. As the city has considerable strength of the Kapu vote bank, the community is rallying together against the ruling TDP.

The YSR Congress has already declared that the party would give the city mayor post to the Kapus, grabbing an advantage in advance. This move has come as an added advantage to the YSR Congress, as it has already backed the Kapu movement.

The ruling TDP has assigned the election task to the partya��s Kapu leader and Deputy Chief Minister Nimmakayala Chinarajappa. The deputy chief minister is coordinating the selection of the candidates for the 48 divisions in the newly-created civic body.

Having created Kapu Corporation and constituted Justice Manjunadha Commission to study whether to give BC status for the Kapus, the ruling TDP is confident of retaining the community votes in the election. Besides Chinarajappa, the party is also roping in Kapu Corporation chairman Ch Ramanujayya to campaign in the elections and win the voters.

The TDP is yet to complete the alliance with the BJP in the election to have the advantage. The BJP is equally firm on having major share in alliance and has even indicated on going alone, if forced. The BJP leaders have already said that they have enough strength to contest all the 48 divisions in the Municipal Corporation sending signals to the TDP leadership that it would not compromise on being a marginal partner.

As Jana Sena is not prepared to contest the elections, it has to decide whom to support: the TPD or the BJP. If Jana Sena campaigns openly for the ruling partners, that may be an advantage for the TDP. But, being the hot bed of the Kapu movement, it is to be seen if the community backs Pawan Kalyan or stays with Mudragada Padmanabham.

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