Kapu Community Moving Towards YSRCP?

Kapu community who voted for TDP in 2014 elections have decided to support YSRCP in next elections as per our sources. Kanna Laxminarayana is ready to plunge into YSRCP in coming days, with many leaders in AP to follow.

Amaravati: After 3 years of ruling, TDP is the most worried party now with internal politics and vote banks reshuffle. One of the major communities, Kapu Community, which made the difference between a�?wina�� and a�?losea�� in 2014 elections between YSRCP and TDP is slowly tilting towards Jagan as per our key sources.

Kanna Laxminarayana, a strong kapu leader from Guntur district, joined the BJP after congress party lost in 2014 elections. He was a strong sympathiser of congress party and worked as Minister during late YSR regime.

Now he wants to join YSRCP in coming days along with the leaders of Guntur district with a hope that Jagan, rather than the BJP, can do justice to his community.

East and West Godavari district Kapu leaders who had a meet at IMAX gardens in Madhapur, Hyderabad, are understood to have taken a decision to support YSRCP in coming days. They will meet Jagan in few days to discuss with him about their demands and extend support if he fulfils them after coming to power in 2019.

Major destruction for TDP will be from Rayalaseema with Kapu Balija community who are initially in a plan to support a�?Jana Senaa�� have changed their mind now.

Strong Kapu leaders from Chittoor district, who are former Congress leaders, will certainly support Jagan as elections near.

One has to see how this caste based vote-bank will turn in coming days with equations which will certainly impact the result of 2019 elections.

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