Kapil Mishra Attacked By AAP Worker

Former minister of Delhi Kapil Mishra was attacked by AAP worker before his residence where he was sitting on a hunger protest.

New Delhi: Kapil Mishra, former minister and a dissident leader of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) was attacked by a party worker before his residence where he was sitting on hunger strike.

Kapil Mishra said he did not see the attacker earlier and he may not belong to AAP. He said he was not injured. He also said he does not want any security arrangements.

Kapil Mishra is a close follower of rebel leader Kumar Vishwas. After working out a compromise with Kumar, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal sacked Mishra from his Cabinet. Mishra had alleged that he was a witness to a shady transaction in which the health minister Surender Jain gave ₹2 crore to Kejriwal as a consideration.

He approached ACB and the CBI with corruption charges and what he claimed as evidence against the CM. Kapil Mishra said there were threatening calls to him. Kejriwal has not reacted either to the corruption charges or the attack on his former ministerial colleague.

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Election Commission Rejects Pleas Of AAP MLAs

The AAP legislators who have been in trouble for being appointed as Parliamentary Secretaries by Delhi government pleaded with the Election Commission to drop office of profit case against them, which the EC rejected.

New Delhi: Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) which has been in trouble over various issues is in for another setback. The Election Commission has rejected the pleas of 21 AAP legislators to drop office of profit case against them. In the final hearing to be in August, EC is likely to decide on their disqualification. The legislators were appointed parliamentary secretaries by Delhi government in 2015.

The EC also clarified that the Delhi High Court order that set aside their appointments won’t come in the way of the poll panel while deciding their disqualification as ‘the MLAs held the posts de facto.’   See Also: Red Carpet To Be Rolled Out For Modi At White House

The EC is of the opinion that AAP legislators did hold de facto the office of Parliamentary Secretaries from March 13, 2015 to September 8, 2016.

The legislators approached the EC to drop their disqualification case as their appointments as Parliamentary Secretaries have already been set aside by the Delhi High Court. The proceedings were dropped against Jarnail Singh who had resigned from Rajouri Garden in Delhi to contest the Punjab Assembly elections.   See Also: Police Shocked At New Revelations About Rajiv

Now the legislators will have to provide proof to the EC that they haven’t got any benefits from their posts.

Meanwhile, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had defended the appointments saying that the legislators were helping the government deliver on the promises made to the people and weren’t paid from the exchequer for the extra work they put in.   See Also: Centre De-Notifies NHW In Telangana As State Govt Chooses Liquor Over NHWs

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Kapil Mishra Won’t Leave Kejriwal, High Drama At Janata Durbar

Sacked AAP minister Kapil Mishra has created scenes again at the residence of Delhi Chief Minister Aarvind Kejriwal in the name of fighting corruption.

New Delhi: The AAP drama seems to be never ending. Sacked minister of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Kapil Mishra and his close aides created scenes when they tried to enter Arvind Kejriwal’s residential premises.

Kapil Mishra, who levelled corruption charges against Kejriwal, reportedly went there to attend the Delhi CM’s ‘Janata Durbar’ along with his 25 close aides.

Mishra claimed that he wanted to meet Kejriwal to ask him, “Why corruption accused Health Minister Satyender Jain is not being sacked.”

As he was not allowed to enter the premises and meet Kejriwal, Mishra along with his supporters staged a protest outside CM’s residence.

Adamant Mishra, who refused to turn back asked, “Why isn’t Kejriwal allowing me to meet him in the Janata Durbar? If he is clean, what is the problem in meeting me there?”

Mishra said he is trying to meet the Chief Minister to hand him a copy of the proposals passed at the India against Corruption-2 convention on June 3.

He also demanded a CBI probe into AAP volunteer Santosh Koli’s death.

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Kapil Mishra Assaulted By AAP MLAs’ In Delhi Assembly

Suspended AAP MLA Kapil Mishra was allegedly beaten up by MLAs of the same party at the behest of Deputy Chief Minister Sisodia when Delhi Assembly met on Wednesday for one day to discuss GST.

New Delhi:  Suspended AAP MLA and former minister Kapil Mishra was assaulted by his colleagues in the Assembly as it met for a one-day special sitting on the GST.

The sacked minister said that he was demanding to speak in Assembly and was not allowed to speak. “Everyone saw it,” he said outside the House. He alleged that when he was beaten and punched in the Assembly, Kejriwal was laughing. “The deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia directed to beat me up,” he claimed. Declaring that he was not afraid of Kejriwal’s goons, he said that he would expose the misdeeds of Kejriwal at the Constitution Club at 5 pm on Wednesday.

While the video feed from the Assembly showed Mishra being pushed around, AAP MLA Saurabh Bharadwaj denied that he was manhandled. Saying that Kapil’s conduct is known, he claimed that the Speaker did not allow Kapil Mishra to show posters. He maintained that everything was on the record.

Once a close aide of the chief minister,  Mishra levelled corruption charges against him and other AAP leaders which dented the image of the Party. Mishra alleged that Health Minister Satyendra Jain gave ₹ 2 crore illegal cash to Kejriwal at the latter’s official residence and helped fix land deals worth crores for Kejriwal’s relatives.

However, AAP denied these charges and suspended him from the party. Meanwhile, reacting to the incident that took place in the Assembly, BJP MLA RP Singh said that they will speak to their party president and approach the L-G for action.

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Can AAP Survive As A Credible Entity?

Aam Aadmi Party which was launched by Arvind Kejriwal is facing a survival problem because of unfulfilled national ambition and rebellions in the party in the wake of successive electoral defeats.

New Delhi: The anti-corruption crusader who sold dreams to the middle class and youngsters in the country about giving a clean governance and corruption free governments is in a  muddle. Arvind Kejriwal, who was given a massive mandate for his cause has not only lost it but also emerged as any other politician in the country.

When the UPA was scam-ridden and people were looking for a hero in the shining armour to save them from the corrupt leaders, Anna Hazare started a movement against corruption in 2011. The movement received impetus from April 2011, as anti-corruption activist Anna Hazare began a hunger strike at the Jantar Mantar in New Delhi. The main aim was an introduction of the Jan Lokpal Bill to reduce corruption in the Indian government. People across the country and various political parties, celebrities from several fields supported the movement.

This is when Arvind Kejriwal came into the lime light. After the success of the movement and huge response from youth and middle classes, Kejriwal launched Aam Aadmi Party and entered politics. He campaigned against the then Delhi Chief Minister Sheil Dikshit government’s corruption and finally won the election.

The political journey of Kejriwal started in an electrifying manner- a man who has a cause, a crusader who would fight corruption and give a clean government to the suffering masses. During his first term as Chief Minister Kejriwal has taken up some issues which do good to aam aadmi, like mohalla clinics and even improving government schools. But his constant tiffs with the then Lieutenant Governor of Delhi Jung overshadowed all the good work he had done. He always tried to project himself as a victim of the central government’s vicious strategies, whenever he did not have answers to issues.

AAP’s failure to walk the talk is showing severely upon the party presently. The people who were on his side, when he wanted to pursue the noble cause are now frustrated. Many high profile exits tarnished its image. The alternative politics it proposed withered away due to its greed for power. Many analysts criticised the party that, its desperation to form the government in Delhi at any cost had seeded their downfall and everything after that had a snowball effect and culminated on Sunday with money laundering allegations levelled against it.

The washing of dirty linen in the public started after AAP Minister Kapil Mishra was sacked on the pretext of inefficiency. But speculation was that he was removed because he supported Kumar Vishwas who rebelled against the AAP supremo. While Kejriwal could patch up with Kumar Vishwas, he wanted to punish those who supported him in his rebellion. Hence Kapil was thrown out and it boomeranged in such a way that it has brought down not only Kejriwal but the whole party.

When Kapil Mishra levelled corruption allegations against Kejriwal, he chose to dismiss them as not worth answering. Kapil Mishra also levelled allegations against Health Minister Satyendra Jain but also Kejriwal’s brother in law (who passed away last week). Incidentally, Satyendra Jain was facing money laundering accusation and was under IT and ED scanner.

In fact, Kejriwal never answered the allegations. Instead, he went on with EVM tampering fiasco by holding a special Delhi Assembly session. He wanted to cover his mistakes, defeats and divert the attention of the public by telling them that EVMs can be tampered with. His efforts paid a little as the media was excited about it and went on with telecasts. But, soon as they realised that they are undermining a Constitutional body and also Election Commission is going ahead with its hackathon (hacking EVMs) the story was back to square one.

Arvind Kejriwal who nursed a huge ego after he became the Chief Minister of Delhi second time with a huge mandate also harboured national dreams. He went on to expand his party’s base in Punjab and Goa.  But the poll drubbing made him more adamant. He refused to accept the truth that he needs some more maturity in politics. But he went on with EVM tampering campaign, which might eventually comeback to him.

Now, AAP is proving that it’s no more an anti-corruption crusader or giver of clean politics. Kejriwal has to realise that blaming Centre for his failures will not yield him any sympathy. Not anymore after all these developments. Other than the allegations that were levelled there are cases against 21 AAP MLAs’ for office for profit. If the Election Commission takes a decision after the charges are proved, the MLAs’ will be disqualified.

In this background, can AAP survive as a credible entity?

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Will AAP Strategy Succeed?

Aam Aadmi Party wants to create an atmosphere across the country that BJP won by tampering EVMs in UP and Uttarakhand before the next Assembly elections to be held by the end of the year. But will its tactics succeed?

New Delhi: Defiance seems to be the word of the season. From Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal to Justice Karnan, persons who are in responsible positions are defying institutions and governments to cover up their mistakes. The latest fiasco put up by Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) before Election Commission headquarters on Thursday is one such example. The AAP leaders who took a procession against EVM tampering demanded that only verifiable paper record or Voter-Verifiable Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT)-equipped EVMs must be used in the future elections, which EC has already decided to implement in 2019 elections.

The issue is, AAP has been literally imploding as leader after leader is levelling allegations against the party and its supremo. Sacked minister Kapil Mishra came out openly levelling corruption charges against Arvind Kejriwal. He told media that he saw Kejriwal taking cash worth ₹ 2 crores from another minister Satyendra Jain, who was facing serious allegations regarding money laundering. Mishra even went to ACB and CBI to hand them over proofs.

But Kejriwal chose to remain silent. He never answered if the allegation is true or false till today. Instead, he chose to prove that EVMs’ can be tampered by holding a special session of Assembly. As Election Commission announced a hackathon regarding EVMs’, the party could have proved it before everyone. But it did not want to wait till then. It wanted to create an atmosphere that BJP won by tampering the EVMs.

But AAP has forgotten that it too won the Assembly elections with a thumping majority when EVMs were used, and the charge applies to it too. However, the self-righteous leaders of AAP don’t want to even mention it. AAP which wants to blame anything and everything on the Centre is desperate to take this EVM controversy forward and make it a big issue before the assembly elections that are to be held this year-end.

However, the Election Commission said that the EVM was a prototype and asked AAP leader to come and join hackathon it’s going to conduct. AAP took a little time before responding but finally said yes to the challenge thrown at them.

If AAP fails in the hackathon, what would it do is the biggest question. The EVMs that Election Commission uses during elections are made exclusively for the Commission. Former chief election commissioner SY Quraishi brushed aside the allegations. He clarified that EVMs were withdrawn in four European countries for another reason. In fact, he wanted the Election Commission to be more aggressive in condemning the allegations being made by parties, particularly AAP.

That there is need to be transparent in every institution, no one denies it. But, when people who judge others by standing on high moral pedestal choose to behave worse than their rivals, the problem arises. The issue is not about EVMs’, it is about morality they preach to others and not bothered to follow.

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As Kapil Mishra Meets ACB, AAP Chooses To Blame BJP For The Problem

Kapil Mishra will also meet the CBI officials to address the Rs. 400 Crore water scam.

New Delhi: The Aam Aadmi Party which was virtually stunned due to the corruption allegations levelled by its sacked minister Kapil Mishra, came out on Monday with a different kind of defence. AAP leaders Sanjay Singh, Ashutosh and Dilip Pandey put up a brave face and tried to defend Kejriwal in a press conference held on Monday.  Instead of answering to the allegations levelled against party Chief Arvind Kejriwal, leaders chose to point out which CM is corrupt in BJP and how Kashmir is burning.

Sacked minister and AAP leader Kapil Mishra on Sunday alleged that he has seen Health Minister Satyendra Jain handing Rs. 2 crores in hard cash to CM Kejriwal. As Kapil Mishra was levelling allegations in a media conference, Kejriwal was strategizing with his close aides and leaders. After the meeting, Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia spoke to the media, but when asked about Mishra’s allegations, he said that they are not even worth answering.

On Monday too they followed the same strategy. The leaders chose to blame centre as usual in the whole episode. AAP leader Sanjay Singh alleged that BJP government in the Centre is working to stifle opposition and targeting AAP. Raising nationalism the leaders also brought Kashmir into the picture and criticised BJP government that it failed in addressing in addressing internal and external threats to the country and is solely concentrating on decimating AAP. They also alleged that the BJP is trying to repeatedly to implicate AAP in fabricated cases. They also alleged that Kapil Mishra is acting on behest of BJP.

Meanwhile, Kapil Mishra met ACB officials on Monday morning and stated that he furnished all the information needed.

The question on everyone’s mind is, why the Delhi Chief Minister, who in 2012 announced that AAP has formed an internal Lokpal, if anyone has any allegation of corruption against him, they can directly go to Justice AP Shah and make a complaint. And if Justice Shah says there is a prima facie evidence against Arvind, he will have to resign from the party, has not done it yet.

As of now, all the leaders who expressed their dissatisfaction against party’s way of functioning and called for introspection rallied behind Kejriwal. Alka Lamba, Adarsh Shastri, Somnath Bharti, Rajesh Rishi and even Kumar Vishwas stood beside Kejriwal after he faced first corruption charge against him.

After meeting the ACB officials, Kapil Mishra told the media that he would be meeting CBI officials in the evening to reveal the details of the alleged 400 crores water scam.

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AAP Begs To Differ With Anna Hazare

AAP has said it differs with anti-corruption activist Anna Hazare who said he was pained to hear the allegations of corruptions against Kejriwal.

New Delhi: Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has said it would beg to differ with anti-corruption activist Anna Hazare’s opinion on the corruption allegations against Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. Anna Hazare has said he was saddened on hearing the corruption charges being levelled against his protege and a colleague in the anti-corruption campaign under the banner ‘India Against Corruption.’

Anna Hazare spoke on Sunday at Ralegaon Siddi near Pune in Maharashtra which has been the Centre for his activities. “It is because of the anti-corruption movement that Kejriwal became chief minister of Delhi. When I hear charges of corruption against him it makes me sad,” said the 79-year old activist. But Ashish Khaitan,AAP spokesman has said his party differs with Anna and the party thought Kapil’s allegations are not worth responding to. Mishra has alleged that he had seen Kejriwal receiving ₹2 crore from Minister of Health Satyender Jain. Manish Sisodia had rubbished the argument.

Sacked Minister Kapil Mishra held a media conference on Sunday to say im gthat Kejriwal has to explain where from he was getting enormous amounts of money and how did he spend it. As Mishra’s media conference was going on, Kejriwal had a huddle with Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia and other senior colleagues. Senior leader and poet Kumar Viswas has attended the meeting and left before it was concluded. Kapil Mishra is a close associate of Viswas whom he supported to the hilt when the latter rebelled against Kejriwal. The CM went to Kumar’s residence and worked out a compromise. Biswas, who was contemplating to leave the party, had decided to stay back. But Kapil Mishra, a staunch supporter of Viswas and a minister for water supply, was sacked on the third day of reaching the compromise.

AAP founders Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan had left the party soon after it came to power on the same grounds of financial impropriety.

Kejriwal was an active participant in the campaign run by non-profit organisation ‘India Against Corruption’ which struggled for Lok Pak Bill in 2011. Anna opposed Kejriwal when he resolved to launch a political party. Later,  he relented and blessed Kejriwal. However, Anna has kept an eye on Kejriwal’s politics. It was not the first time that the Gandhian has expressed his reservations about Kejriwal politics.

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Emotional Kumar Viswas On The Way Out Of AAP

AAP leader Kumar Viswas is emotional at being branded as an agent of the BJP. He spoke against Kejriwal’s style of functioning. Manish Sisodia attacked Viswas for what he said.

New Delhi: AAP rebel Kumar Viswas declared on Tuesday that he would not apologise for his statement concerning the nation. An emotional Viswas was on the verge of breaking down when he told the media that he would take a decision on his future course in 24 hours.

After losing the MCD elections, there has been a virtual revolt in the AAP. Kumar Viswas has been vocal in his criticism against the AAP leadership. Viswas said he met Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia and discussed the issues. ‘But the party leaders continue to make allegations that I am in league with the BJP. This cannot go on any more,’ said Viswas.  Amanatullah Khan who alleged that Viswas is an agent of BJP and he has received crores of rupees from the BJP to buy MLAs and split the AAP has resigned from party’s ‘Political Action Committee.’ “Amanatulla is a mukhauta(mask) of the coterie around Kejriwal,” alleged Viswas.

Biswas is a very prominent leader whose approval rate is almost on par with that of Kejriwal. He was with Kejriwal in the struggle against corruption. Both Kejriwal and Viswas had worked under the leadership of Anna Hazare in ‘India Against Corruption’ campaign. Earlier,  persons like Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan, who were founders of the AAP, had left the party in protest against Kejriwal’s style of functioning. Viswas said he does not want to be a CM or a Deputy CM or even a party president. “But no one can curtail my freedom to speak out my mind,” he said.

Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia spoke to media briefly and found faults with Viswas for speaking to  the media about the internal affairs of the party. Sisodia was very brisk and to the point in his brief intervention. Indications point out to the possibility of expelling Viswas from the party even before he announces his resignation. Sources say Viswas has the support of at least 25 MLAs.

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AAP MLAs For Leadership Change, Claims BJP’s Bagga

BJP leader Bagga claimed that half of the AAP MLAs are in favour of Vishwas replacing Kejriwal as Chief Minister. Kejriwal said he would correct the mistakes.

New Delhi: As the winds are blowing against AAP president and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal after a humiliating defeat in municipal polls, BJP leader Tajinder Pal S Bagga said on Saturday that half of the party’s MLAs want Kumar Vishwas to be appointed as new Chief Minister. Earlier this week, Bagga said that 34 AAP MLAs want Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s resignation incase the party loses MCD elections. Three days after the Delhi civic polls results were declared, Bagga tweeted that he has heard that 34 AAP MLAs want to see Dr Kumar Viswas as new CM.

Giving strength to BJP leaders claims, AAP leader Kumar Vishwas said that the party was open to taking a call on a change in the leadership. He also said the party leaders feel that blaming EVMs entirely for the defeat was wrong when there is mistrust among people regarding the party and its leaders.

He also told a national TV channel that party leaders realised the need for introspection over their defeat in the civic polls held on April 23 in Delhi.

The leader who is close to Cheif Minister Arvind Kejriwal also told the channel that, he was pained because of series of defeats the party is facing. If people did not vote for us in civic polls, it means there is mistrust for us among people, the channel quoted him as saying.

He also felt that blaming EVMs alone is not good. But it is a fact that we failed to reach the voters, he added.

Meanwhile, Kejriwal said that he made mistakes and said that party will introspect and correct the course.

“In the last two days, I spoke to many volunteers and voters. The reality is obvious. Yes, we made mistakes but we will introspect and course correct,” Kejriwal tweeted.

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Bypoll Results: BJP Wins In Delhi, Himachal, Assam; Congress Retains Two Karnataka Seats

By-elections were held in 10 Assembly constituencies in eight states on Sunday. Two seats each are in Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh and one each in West Bengal, Assam, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Jharkhand and Delhi

New Delhi: The ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) won Assembly bypolls in Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Assam on Thursday while it was leading in Rajasthan as results poured in for the nine seats where by-elections were held recently.

In Karnataka, the ruling Congress has won both the seats. Arvind Kejriwal’s AAP suffered a humiliating defeat in Delhi at the hands of its main rival, BJP.

By-elections were held in 10 Assembly constituencies in eight states on Sunday. Two seats each are in Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh and one each in West Bengal, Assam, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Jharkhand and Delhi.

The victory in the National Capital was sweet music for the BJP ahead of the municipal polls.

The BJP registered a victory in the Rajouri Garden assembly bypoll, handing a humiliating defeat to the ruling Aam Aadmi Party, which finished a distant third.

In Madhya Pradesh, the BJP retained the Bandhavgarh assembly seat after defeating rival Congress. BJP nominee Shivnarayan Singh defeated Congress’ candidate Savitri Singh from the seat in Umaria district.

The bypoll was necessitated as BJP MLA Gyan Singh got elected to the Lok Sabha in November last year from Shahdol in a by-election.

In Himachal Pradesh, BJP candidate Anil Dhiman won the Bhoranj (SC) assembly seat in Himachal Pradesh.

The seat fell vacant following the death of BJP stalwart and former minister Ishwar Dass Dhiman, who won the seat six times in a row since 1990 and now his son Dr Anil Dhiman has retained the seat.

The strength of the BJP has thus increased to 28 in the 68-member House.

The showing was good for the party in Assam also where its candidate Ranoj Pegu won the Dhemaji assembly by-election defeating his nearest the Congress rival Babul Sonowal.

The bypoll was necessitated following the election of BJP MLA Pradan Baruah as MP from Lakhimpur Lok Sabha seat.

The BJP had won 60 of 126 assembly seats and formed the Government in partnership with its pre-poll alliance partners last year.

The Congress party retained its hold on Karnataka though there is a general perception that the Congress Government is unpopular and the BJP is about to win the next elections. But the Congress has proved that it is still in command by wining Nanjangud and Gundlupet Assembly seats.

The by-elections were necessitated in Gundulpet following the death of Cooperation Minister Mahadevaprasad and in Nanjangud, it was caused by the resignation of Srinivas Prasad as Congress MLA after he was dropped from the ministry. He crossed over to the BJP.

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Congress Sweeps Punjab

Chandigarh: Congress party has swept the recently held polls in Punjab. The Congress bagged 77 out of 117 seats in Punjab Assembly according to the results announced on Saturday. The ruling Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) and the BJP coalition have come third with 18 seats conceding second place to the five-year old Aam Aadmi Party(AAP) which got 20 seats. Two seats were won by independents.

AAP which was very hopeful of winning majority of seats had failed to compete with the Congress. The exit polls gave AAP equal chance at 55 seats against 55 for the Congress. But the Congress had surprised political observers with its excellent performance. Captain Amarinder Singh who led the Congress party in the polls had said he did not expect this kind of a victory. He expected a close fight and a narrow win. Former cricketer Bavjot Sindhu has contributed significantly to the Congress victory.

The Jat Sikhs who have been traditional supporters of the Akali Dal did not desert the party for AAP which was hoping to get their votes. That explains the small number of seats in AAP account.

The Akali Dal contested for 94 seats and the BJP fielded its candidate for the rest of 23 seats. But the double anti-incumbency sentiment had its impact in Akali-BJP alliance. The ruling party had to pay heavy price for allowing the drug mafia to thrive causing untold misery to the people. Corruption was rampant in Punjab during the last ten years of Akali Dal-BJP rule. The hold of Prakash Singh Badal and his son Sukhbir Singh Badal on party and government was resented by the people.

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AAP MLA Somnath Bharti Arrested

  • Yet another blow to AAP

New Delhi: Aam Admi Party MLA Somnath Bharti was arrested on Thursday for allegedly assaulting AIIMS hospital security staff. The former minister Bharti was arrested based on the complaint registered on September 9 by AIIMS hospital. The complaint was registered with the Hauz Khas police station under IPC section 147 (punishment for rioting), 148 (rioting, armed with deadly weapons), 186 (obstructing public servant in discharge of his public function), 353 (assault or use of criminal force to deter a public servant from discharge of his duty), and to prevention of damage to public property act.

This comes as another set back to the Aam Admi Party (AAP), ruling party in the National capital. One of the top leaders in ruling party, Somnath Bharti allegedly provoked the mob to enter into the AIIMS hospital and to damage the hospital. The mob misbehaved with the hospital’s security staff. According to chief security officer, Bharti provoked the crowd to break the hospital fencing with JCB at Gautham Nagar Nallah road to enter AIIMS property and misbehaved with the security personnel.

Bharti had rejected the allegations made by AIIMS hospital and said that there was legitimate access to Gautam Nagar residents.

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ఆప్ రెబల్ ఎం.ఎల్.ఎ పై సస్పెన్షన్ వేటు

న్యూ ఢిల్లీ: మంత్రి సందీప్ కుమార్ ఉదంతం మరువక ముందే ఆమ్ ఆద్మీ పార్టీకి చెందిన మరో ఎమ్మెల్యేపై సస్పెన్షన్ వేటు పడింది. బిజ్వాసన్ ప్రాంతానికి చెందిన రెబెల్ ఎం.ఎల్.ఎ దేవిందర్ షెహ్రావత్ ను పార్టీ ప్రాథమిక సభ్యత్వం నుంచి తొలగిస్తున్నట్లు ఆ పార్టీ కి చెందిన ఢిల్లీ క్రమశిక్షణ  విభాగం తెలిపింది. ఆయనపై తీవ్ర స్థాయిలో ఫిర్యాదులు రావడంతో ఈ మేరకు నిర్ణయం తీసుకున్నట్లు వెల్లడించింది.

ఈ విషయమై ఆప్ ఢిల్లీ విభాగం కన్వీనర్ దిలీప్ పాండే మాట్లాడుతూ – విచారణ పూర్తి అయ్యేవరకూ దేవిందర్ ను సస్పెండ్ చేస్తున్నట్లుగా తెలిపారు.

పంజాబ్ లో పార్టీ టికెట్ల కోసం వచ్చే మహిళలను దోపిడీ చేసి పీడిస్తున్నారని అక్కడి నాయకలపై ఆరోపణలు చేసిన షెహ్రావత్, ఇదే విషయమై ఢిల్లీ ముఖ్యమంత్రి కేజ్రీవాల్ కు లేఖరాశారు. దీనిపై మండిపడ్డ ఆప్ పంజాబ్ నాయకులు దుర్గేశ్ పతక్, సంజయ్ సింగ్ సెహ్రావత్ పైన పరువునష్టం కేసు దాఖలు చేశారు.

దాంతో,  ధైర్యముంటే తనని పార్టీనుంచి బహిష్కరించండి అంటూ షెహ్రావత్ బహిరంగంగా సవాలు విసిరారు.  మీలో ఆ తెగువ లేదని ఆప్ నాయకులను ఆయన ఎద్దేవా చేశారు.

2014 లోక్ సభ ఎన్నికల్లో ఢిల్లీ నుంచి టికెట్ పొందిన సిట్టింగ్ ఎం.ఎల్.ఎ షెహ్రావత్ ఒక్కరే.  ఓటమి పాలయ్యాక పార్టీ సభ్యులతో ఆయన సఖ్యతగా మెలగడం లేదని ఆప్ వర్గాలు చెబుతున్నాయి.  

ఆమ్ ఆద్మీ పార్టీలో ప్రాధమిక సభ్యత్వం కోల్పోయిన నాలుగవ వ్యక్తి షెహ్రావత్.  ఈ జాబితాలో మిగిలిన ముగ్గురు,  పంకజ్ పుష్కర్, సందీప్ కుమార్, అసిమ్ అహ్మద్ ఖాన్.

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AAP suspends rebel MLA Devinder Sehrawat

NEW DELHI: Aam Admi Party suspended its rebel Bijwasan MLA Col Devinder Sehrawat from its primary membership on Monday. The AAP’s Disciplinary Committee’s Delhi unit took the action after receiving a series of complaints against him.

AAP’s Delhi unit convenor Dilip Pandey said, “Devinder Sehrawat has been suspended by the disciplinary committee, pending enquiry”.

Earlier Sehrawat wrote to Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal alleging that there are leaders in the party in Punjab that are exploiting women in return for tickets for various constituencies in Punjab. AAP Punjab leaders Durgesh Pathak and Sanjay Singh had filed a defamation suit against Sehrawat following the allegations.

Meanwhile, Sehrawat has dared the AAP leaders to expel him, saying, “If you have the courage, severe the ties and expel. With 67 MLAs you could not perform. You don’t have it in you – so get out of the Way.”

This fresh salvo from Sehrawat came as the party is currently grappling with misconduct and sleaze charges against its leaders. 

AAP sources said the former Army officer has a love and hate relationship with the party. The relationship only got bitter after he lost the 2014 Lok Sabha election after contesting from South Delhi. He was the only sitting MLA who was given a Lok Sabha ticket in Delhi.

Sehrawat is the fourth party legislator whose primary membership has been suspended. The list also includes Timarpur legislator Pankaj Pushkar and two other sacked ministers Sandeep Kumar and Asim Ahmed Khan.

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Parliamentary secretaries: HC set aside Delhi government’s order

New Delhi: The Delhi high court set aside the Delhi government’s order appointing 21 AAP MLAs as parliamentary secretaries stating that it was made without the lieutenant governor (L-G)’s approval.

The AAP-led Delhi government has already conceded that the appointment became invalid in light of the court’s August 4 verdict that declared the L-G as the administrative head of the national capital region.

Chief justice G Rohini and justice Sangita Dhingra Sehgal were hearing a public interest litigation (PIL) filed by NGO Rashtriya Mukti Morcha, which challenged the appointments, claiming it was “unconstitutional, illegal and without jurisdiction”. The petition also stated the chief minister had “no power, jurisdiction or authority” to administer the oath of office to parliamentary secretaries.

The Delhi government had appointed the parliamentary secretaries in February 2015. However, a constitutional clause prohibits legislators or parliamentarians from holding any position with monetary or other benefits.

 Earlier, in view of this constitutional position, President Pranab Mukharjee refused to sign the bill that ratified the appointments

The Delhi government argued that the appointments will facilitate a smooth functioning. It also clarified that the secretaries would not receive any remuneration from the government.

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Sandeep arrested after a woman files rape case

NEW DELHI: Delhi ex-minister Sandeep Kumar was arrested on Saturday night, hours after a 40 year old woman filed a case stating that a year ago he drugged her and then raped, according to the reports. 

Deputy Commissioner of Police Vikramjit Singh said, “the complaint was filed at Sultanpuri police station and Sandeep has been booked for rape, amongst other charges.

The 40 year old woman said that she was approached by an NGO after the video was gone viral and became public and was advised by them to file a case.

Earlier, Delhi CM and the leader of the AAP, Arvind Kejriwal, had sacked  Sandeep Kumar from the cabinet on 31 August, who was Minister for Child Welfare and Social Justice, after receiving an “objectionable CD” featuring him. The CD contained a sex tape and similar images featuring him.

The Woman’s statement was recorded before a magistrate under 164 Section  of the CrPC. Sandeep Kumar will be produced in court today, according to the sources.

The complainant also demanded an inquiry into this matter to find out who was responsible for the release of the video and demanded severe action against them. 

“If woman’s allegations are correct, this is v serious. Strongest exemplary punishment should be given to Sandeep”, Arvind Kejriwal who is in Rome to attend Mother Teresa’s canonisation, tweeted. 

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AAP removes Sucha Singh Chhotepur as Punjab chief

Chandigarh: The Aam Aadmi Party on Friday sacked its Punjab chief Sucha Singh Chhotepur from his post, who was heading the party in the poll bound state, following the allegations of taking bribe for assigning constituencies to party candidates for the assembly elections which are to be held early next year.

AAP had apparently received a complaint that Sucha Singh Chhotepur had sought Rs 60 lakh from a ticket aspirant and the deal was fixed at Rs 30 lakh.

21 AAP leaders from Punjab, including members of Parliament Bhagwant Mann and Sadhu Singh, had written a letter to the party chief and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal asking him to immediately sack Sucha Singh Chhotepur based on party’s principle of “zero tolerance towards corruption.”

The decision to remove Chhotepur as Punjab chief was taken by AAP’s highest decision making body, the Political Affairs Committee, presided over by Arvind Kejriwal.

AAP sources said the party leaders have sent a video clip of Mr Chhotepur taking money in a purported sting operation, along with their letter to Mr Kejriwal.

Punjab’s big parties such as the Congress and the Akali Dal have mocked their challenger AAP, which is attempting to make inroads in the state in this election.

Mr Chhotepur has been part of both the Akali Dal and the Congress, before he teamed up with Mr Kejriwal, who asked him to build the party in the state. He had fought the 2014 Lok Sabha election as an AAP candidate from Gurdaspur losing to the BJP’s Vinod Khanna.

Chhotepur had denied the allegations, saying he had merely accepted “party fund” from a volunteer. He had also claimed it a conspiracy against him. However, it is against to the party policy to accept donations in cash.On his next course of action, he said that it would be decided by the volunteers.

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Truce in Aam Admi Party may only be temporary

NEW DELHI: The truce hammered out in the Aam Admi Party (AAP) on Wednesday night may only be temporary given the background of the rift and the manner in which Prashant Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav were eased out from the Political Affairs Committee.

As details of the National Executive meeting trickle out, it is becoming increasingly clear that AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal, before leaving for Bengaluru for naturopathy treatment, had made it abundantly clear to party leaders that he would step down as convenor if Mr. Yadav and Mr. Bhushan, remained in the PAC.

At another level, AAP convenor from Maharashtra, Mayank Gandhi, took serious exception to the way in which the two founder members of the party were thrown out of the PAC.  He said in a blog post titled, `Note to Volunteers’ that the National Executive meeting was called because Mr. Kejriwal had made it clear that he could not work with Mr. Yadav and Mr. Bhushan “On 26th Feb night when members of the NE went to meet him, Arvind conveyed that he will not be able to work as convenor if these two members were part of the PAC”, he said.

The AAP leader said Mr. Yadav and Mr. Prashant Bhushan had offered to keep out of the PAC. In fact, they had suggested re-constituting or, in the alternative, offered to stay out of its meetings.

“I was taken aback by the resolution removing them publicly, especially as they themselves were willing to leave”, he said. Mr. Yadav, however, declined to comment on the contents of the blog which implied the two leaders were sacked by Kejriwal loyalists.

Not all leaders supported Kejriwal

He further said that “the meeting broke for some time and Manish (Sisodia) and others conferred with the Delhi team of Ashish Khetan, Ashutosh (Chaturvedi), Dilip Pandey and others. After reassembling, Manish proposed a resolution that Yadav and Bhushan be removed from the PAC and it was seconded by Sanjay Singh”, Mr. Gandhi wrote in his blog.

What lends a twist to the story is the fact that the entire National Executive was not on the same page as Mr. Kejriwal over the issue of ousting the two leaders. As many as eight members of the executive voted to keep them in while 11 wanted to oust them. At the same time, they rejected Mr. Kejriwal’s resignation as AAP convenor.

Meanwhile, Mr. Kejriwal arrived in Bengaluru along with his parents. He is expected to consult a naturopathy expert for treatment of persistent cough and high blood sugar levels which remained above 300 for more than ten days.

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