Kapil Mishra Attacked By AAP Worker

Former minister of Delhi Kapil Mishra was attacked by AAP worker before his residence where he was sitting on a hunger protest.

New Delhi: Kapil Mishra, former minister and a dissident leader of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) was attacked by a party worker before his residence where he was sitting on hunger strike.

Kapil Mishra said he did not see the attacker earlier and he may not belong to AAP. He said he was not injured. He also said he does not want any security arrangements.

Kapil Mishra is a close follower of rebel leader Kumar Vishwas. After working out a compromise with Kumar, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal sacked Mishra from his Cabinet. Mishra had alleged that he was a witness to a shady transaction in which the health minister Surender Jain gave a�?2 crore to Kejriwal as a consideration.

He approached ACB and the CBI with corruption charges and what he claimed as evidence against the CM. Kapil Mishra said there were threatening calls to him. Kejriwal has not reacted either to the corruption charges or the attack on his former ministerial colleague.

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