Kansas Shooting: Hundreds March To Pray For Srinivas

Houston: Kansas witnessed peace march, prayers for Indian techie who was shot dead by a drunken racist last week. The March was filled with banners, play cards which read a�?we want peace, We love peace, Let us not leave our children, Unity is part of community.’

Some marchers carried candles with saying, ‘We dona��t support politics of hate signs.’ Ian Grillota��s sister joined the March and prayers.A� Prayers were held in Hindu Temples and cultural centres of Kansas City by priests.

Alok, who was injured during shooting and friend of Srinivas from past 9 years, remembered his friend by saying,’Srinivas was a kindest person who never uttered a word on hatred.’A� This incident has put fear in minorities in the US, ALoka��s father appealed to all parents in India not to send their children to America under present scenario.

Telanagan IT Minister K. Taraka rama rao, Union Minister Venkiah Naidu, Bandaru Dattatreya were among the prominent persons who visited Srinivas’ house and expressed their deep condolences.

Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh expressed hope that the US government will take precautionary measures to restore faith in minorities.

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